Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day Five - St. Thomas/St. John

Today was Elizabeth's birthday celebration. Elizabeth has been a big fan of watching the sun rise. Which we happily allow her to view, while we continue to snooze away in our beds. However, since today was her birthday, we thought it would be so sweet of us to join her in her sun rising viewing. And so we did. Although I have to say that she was the much more perkier of any of us.

Once that was done, we watch the ship dock. And then went to Cabanas for breakfast. In our pjs. To which Laura mentioned that her children would be horrified at. I then pointed out that nobody around us cared, which seemed to relieve her feelings. Especially since it was time to dig into breakfast.

We celebrated Elizabeth's birthday, and then the three of them went on a snorkeling adventure on a pirate ship (like Captain Jack, not Captain Phillips). I stayed back instead of snorkeling. They had a great time and returned to ship. Tonight was the show dinner at Animator's Palate!

The birthday girl leading the trek to find the sun ...

The minions following her lead ...

The sun is going to rise. Really, it is. In just a few minutes ...

I see the sun!!

The official Sunrise Club. Some of us might consider this a one and done ...

This is not a sunrise bar ...

Again, Ms. Fancy Pants Photographer arranges a fancy schmancy shadow shot.

Here she is in action. In her pjs. Before she goes to breakfast.

The aftermath of getting some people up to see the sunrise.

And it's time for breakfast!! In our pjs! In public!
Needless to say, nobody wears negligees anymore.
At least not in this group.
At least not on this trip.

We're in St. Thomas!

Elizabeth's birthday celebration!

I told you we were in St. Thomas. Yay for cell service!!

Sending them off on a pirate ship.

The view from the Fantasy. They're the ones in red and blue at the front of the ship.

The view from the pirate ship.
I'm the one on the railing.
Oh - the only one on the ship apparently.



Returning from snorkeling. They're the ones at the front in their princess pose!

Dinner at Animator's. Yes, we're wearing matching shirts. Because we're our own fan club!

Some of our artwork.

More of our art work.

Tinkerbell. And our sassy pose. Because we are sassy.

Belle waving to us. Because we're her besties!!
Today is a gift because: seeing the sun rise; Elizabeth's birthday celebration; snorkeling adventure on a pirate ship; Animator's Palate animation show; waving to Belle

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