Thursday, August 27, 2015

Let It Go

I know - you want to break out in song. Nope, today is not about snow. It's about letting go of stuff that you need to let go of. In my case, it's these boxes.

I have been saving them for a few months - you know, just in case I need to mail something. But today the tower just got a little too high. And they started to look stupid in my dining room. And so today I flattened them and put them out for the recycle dudes.

Yes, I will probably need to mail something tomorrow. And I will wish that I had kept the correct box. But I hear that if I need to mail something, there are places that will sell me a box. I know - the world is just a wonder.

The best part is now, when you come over (like I know you've been waiting to do), there's a chair just for you!

Thankful today for: clean dining room chairs and less clutter; going with Maribeth to her appointment

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