Tuesday, August 11, 2015

When The ShSh Hits The Fan ...

That would be the Shingles Shot. And today it did indeed hit the fan. But first, some history.

I have been obsessed with the shingles shot for several years. For one thing, there is such a thing as a shingles shot. For another, I've heard too many stories about people who have had shingles. It is not a nice thing to have. And I don't want it. And apparently there is a shot that I can get so I may not get it. And so I want the shot.

I tried to get a shot a year or so ago. But I was told that I could not get the shot without a doctor's prescription because I am too young. As in a few years. Because you can only get the shot without a doctor's prescription starting when you are 60. And I am still a few years away. Super.

So this year at my yearly gyno appointment, I asked the great Dr. N for a prescription. And because she indeed is so great, she obliged my request. And so, with my scrip in hand, I headed to my favorite shot giving place - Target. And there is when the sh-sh started flying.

Pharmacist Dude gladly took my scrip, after I explained how "young" I was and needed it to get the shot. We had some lively conversation while he took down all my information (Lindley was with me at the time and quite incredulous at my actually WANTING to get a shot, and therefore was taking in every bit of the conversation). Anyhow, Pharm Dude input my info and insurance card into the computer and then told me the news - my insurance would not cover the shot. I would have to pay for it myself.

So I was sort of prepared for this. I mean, stuff costs money these days. I was prepared to pay around $100. However, I was NOT prepared for the news that this shot would cost me 230ish dollars. Pharm Dude did say that there was a rebate that would bring the shot down to $170. I was not prepared to pay that much, which is basically a plane trip to Orlando (one way, but still ...). So, I politely told him no thanks, I would wait two more years and then my insurance will cover the dingity-dang shot.

And of course, I fully expect to contract shingles during those two years. Which is REALLY when something else is going to hit the fan!!!
Today is a gift because: Lindley time; fun times at the Target Pharmacy

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Denise in PA said...

I am also obsessed with the shingles shot. I guess I won't even try the script route - and I've got 7 years to go! Oh, the anxiety!