Friday, August 14, 2015

Cruise Eve!!!

But it's more than just the day before the cruise. It's the day that I meet up with friends that I grew up with, but haven't seen in 30+ years. What shall we talk about? Will we even get along? What is this week going to be like? Looks like a week of photos to me!!

Apparently the new thing in car rental is the kiosk.
Where you wait for a person to show up on the screen.
And then complete the process.
She's probably in a foreign country way away from here ...

Luckily Laura (bridesmaid #1) showed up.
I'm not sure if she was much help with Kiosk Lady, who, by the way,
thoroughly enjoyed our story
But obviously Laura is going to be our selfie go-to person for the week.

Elizabeth (bridesmaid #2) and Pam (bride) arrived and Laura and I packed the car.
Sure glad Kiosk Lady help me upgrade from itty-bitty car to merely-tiny car.

And we're off. To who knows where. To do who knows what.

Here we are at lunch. Because food is important.
And this was the best selfie we could accomplish ...

Elizabeth had never had a pedicure before. So we took her to get one.
Because we are good friends like that.
I think she's a convert now ...

She also got her first wax.
Of course, nobody was going to get waxed until I got waxed.
Which I did because my mani/pedi lady looked horrified at my upper lip.
Then of course, everybody wanted to get waxed.
I think Elizabeth liked the mani/pedi better ...

The finished product.
We didn't know to do this 38 years ago ...

Then it was time to find our home for the night - Bay Lake Towers.
These are our magic bands.
The green represents our bridesmaids dress color.
The grey represents white, because magic bands don't come in white.
Isn't grey a shade of bridely white??

Everybody brought gifties, so we had our own shower.
And figured out how to use the timer on the various phones/cameras.
Because we is smart old ladies.
Again - green = bridesmaids; white = bride.

The view from our room - we like living on the wild side.

Waiting for the fireworks after some food and drinks.

Fireworks!!  Let the Bridesmaids Reunion Cruise Vacay begin!!

Today is a gift because: everyone arriving in Orlando safe and sound; fun with the car rental kiosk lady and dude; getting the car packed; lunch at KeKe's; searching for a pedi place that would take us; checking in to Bay Lake Towers; gifties galore; dinner and fireworks on the top terrace

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