Saturday, August 1, 2015

What The What - It's August?!?!

Things August has in store:

1. Anniversary (to the same dude - for two-thirds of my life)
2. Cruise (it's about time - haven't been on one since March!)
3. Bridesmaids Reunion (with childhood friends I haven't seen in many years)
4. Birthday (yay for another year to try to get it right)
5. Friends and family birthdays (even though I probably will forget to wish them well)
6. School starting (even though I won't be attending or teaching, it still stirs my soul)
7. Changing the blog's look (and hopefully keeping up with it)

In other words, August looks to be a pretty good month!!
Today is a gift because: it's the beginning of August; picking up E at the pool and chatting with Barry; Everley time

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