Sunday, July 31, 2016

Now, What Was That Plan??

I know what you're thinking. Not because I'm psychic, but because I am having the same thoughts. Mainly, "I thought she was going to stay current." Well didn't we all think that ...

I'm not sure where the plan went awry. Maybe when I was packing to go out of town. Maybe when I went out of town. Maybe because the older I get, the quicker the days seem to pass.

Oh well, here we are again. And here we are going to try again. Because what's the point of having a goal if you don't keep at it?
Thankful today for: Brunch with Molly and parking fun; Lindley time; Molly bringing McDs for Lynnette and me; getting the den picked up

Thursday, July 21, 2016

LaLa Can Still Do It!!

Today we went to Disney Springs to check it out. As you can see, I can still do what needs to be done - even if it involves getting three children from Spot A to Spot B. LaLa can still gitterdone (it may not have been pretty, but it was functional!)!!

Today's blessings include: fun at Disney Springs; happy times for everyone!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Plan. The New Plan. The "It's Gotta Work" Plan.

Yes, I know. Today is actually today. And there's a big ole gap between today and my last post. Which brings me to my latest plan to catch up. Interested? Okay, so here goes ...

My plan is to resume blogging (hopefully) every day. That way, I don't get any further behind. But what about all those days and days (which is actually almost two months of days) that have no blog post?

Well, I'm going to catch up on those. Hopefully, every day that I actually do a current post (which hopefully and should be every day), I will catch up on those missing days. Will they come in order? Nope. So how will you know which days are caught up? I'm planning (because I do like a plan) to list the "catch up" days at the bottom of the post under the "Thankful Today For ..." section. Because for every day that I get closer to being caught up, I will truly be thankful!

Thankful today for: having a new plan; Emmatha time; sweet words from Ms Precious

Monday, July 4, 2016

Back In The USA!!

There's something about returning home to the USA on July 4th. When flying home from Vancouver, you actually go through customs in the airport. In Vancouver. And once you've cleared customs, you walk through a door that says, "Welcome To The United States." In the airport. In Vancouver. So you're in Vancouver and in the United States too. Pretty cool!

We got everyone through customs and technically into the USA without any problems. Then we waited awhile for our planes to arrive and leave. Lynnette and Lindley were headed to Dallas for a visit with Grandmom and Grandad. The rest of us were headed to Nashville, although not necessarily on the same plans (no shocker there). All in all, it has been a good trip. Now, when to return ...

Luckily this was not for sale ...

Nor was this ...

Snacks were for sale, so we got some for the ride home.
Nashville, here we come!!
Today's blessings include: no problems going through customs; safe, smooth ride home; airport fun in Texas; seeing the fireworks in Nashville as we landed

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Our Final Sea Day!

The last sea day is always bittersweet. I'm always glad to be headed home, but kinda sad to be leaving Alaska. The scenery on the way back to Vancouver is as beautiful as it is on the way to Alaska, so it's always a nice ride. Sometimes we'll pass a cruise ship on its way to Alaska. Sometimes we might see a whale. It's a great way to end a cruise - since it has to end anyway.

Today was the day to "meet the princesses" in the lobby. Lindley wasn't all that interested, but we got her photo book autographed, too! Apparently the princesses were very interested in Everley's dress!

Today's blessings include: meeting the princesses one last time; saying goodbye to our serves and room stewards; watching the scenery as we sailed back to Vancouver

Saturday, July 2, 2016


Our last port is Ketchikan. It's a fun town, with a lot to see, especially the salmon swimming upstream. Several of us went on an excursion to a Saxon village followed by the lumberjack show. Ketchikan is a great town to walk around and see things, especially totem poles!

Our first stop at the Saxon Village was the totem pole carver station.
We learned the history of the totem poles and how they carve them.

This guy was working very hard. 

We watched as the Saxon people performed some traditional dances.
The little guy in front was very good!!

One of the totem poles outside. Each one tells a different story
and has a different meaning.

At the lumberjack show, Everley tried to get a ball in the target.
I was just glad she didn't go flying off into the water!!
Today's blessings include: excursion to see totem poles, dancers, and lumberjacks; slightly wet weather but manageable

Friday, July 1, 2016


Today we arrived in Juneau. Everley and I went for a dogsled summer camp excursion. We had a great time. Lynnette and Lindley went on a float plane excursion. The rest of the crew had other excursions or just walked around the town. Juneau is a great place for it all!

Alaska can be exhausting!! Thank goodness for a nice bed and morning sleep-ins!

A beautiful rainbow greeted us when we arrived in Juneau.

The first thing you do at the summer dogsled camp is meet the dogs.

And the dogs meet you, too!!

This group of dogs is one of many owned by our driver.
He's done the Iditarod several times and told us a lot about it.
The dogs pull our group around a bit, and take a little break,
then off we go again!

After our ride we get to meet and play with the puppies!
And they really like to play!  And lick!!

And here's our official group photo!
Off to the plane!  There's a reason Lynnette took Lindley on this,
the least of which is that I would not get on this plane!!

She seems to be having fun!!

They are very happy!  Yay for them!!

Just a bit of what they saw on their trip.
Obviously all their photos were shared - I certainly wasn't aboard!!

Today's blessings include: having fun with the dogs and having a great summer sled ride; hearing our guide's stories about the Iditarod