Monday, July 4, 2016

Back In The USA!!

There's something about returning home to the USA on July 4th. When flying home from Vancouver, you actually go through customs in the airport. In Vancouver. And once you've cleared customs, you walk through a door that says, "Welcome To The United States." In the airport. In Vancouver. So you're in Vancouver and in the United States too. Pretty cool!

We got everyone through customs and technically into the USA without any problems. Then we waited awhile for our planes to arrive and leave. Lynnette and Lindley were headed to Dallas for a visit with Grandmom and Grandad. The rest of us were headed to Nashville, although not necessarily on the same plans (no shocker there). All in all, it has been a good trip. Now, when to return ...

Luckily this was not for sale ...

Nor was this ...

Snacks were for sale, so we got some for the ride home.
Nashville, here we come!!
Today's blessings include: no problems going through customs; safe, smooth ride home; airport fun in Texas; seeing the fireworks in Nashville as we landed

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