Saturday, July 2, 2016


Our last port is Ketchikan. It's a fun town, with a lot to see, especially the salmon swimming upstream. Several of us went on an excursion to a Saxon village followed by the lumberjack show. Ketchikan is a great town to walk around and see things, especially totem poles!

Our first stop at the Saxon Village was the totem pole carver station.
We learned the history of the totem poles and how they carve them.

This guy was working very hard. 

We watched as the Saxon people performed some traditional dances.
The little guy in front was very good!!

One of the totem poles outside. Each one tells a different story
and has a different meaning.

At the lumberjack show, Everley tried to get a ball in the target.
I was just glad she didn't go flying off into the water!!
Today's blessings include: excursion to see totem poles, dancers, and lumberjacks; slightly wet weather but manageable

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