Sunday, July 3, 2016

Our Final Sea Day!

The last sea day is always bittersweet. I'm always glad to be headed home, but kinda sad to be leaving Alaska. The scenery on the way back to Vancouver is as beautiful as it is on the way to Alaska, so it's always a nice ride. Sometimes we'll pass a cruise ship on its way to Alaska. Sometimes we might see a whale. It's a great way to end a cruise - since it has to end anyway.

Today was the day to "meet the princesses" in the lobby. Lindley wasn't all that interested, but we got her photo book autographed, too! Apparently the princesses were very interested in Everley's dress!

Today's blessings include: meeting the princesses one last time; saying goodbye to our serves and room stewards; watching the scenery as we sailed back to Vancouver

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