Friday, July 1, 2016


Today we arrived in Juneau. Everley and I went for a dogsled summer camp excursion. We had a great time. Lynnette and Lindley went on a float plane excursion. The rest of the crew had other excursions or just walked around the town. Juneau is a great place for it all!

Alaska can be exhausting!! Thank goodness for a nice bed and morning sleep-ins!

A beautiful rainbow greeted us when we arrived in Juneau.

The first thing you do at the summer dogsled camp is meet the dogs.

And the dogs meet you, too!!

This group of dogs is one of many owned by our driver.
He's done the Iditarod several times and told us a lot about it.
The dogs pull our group around a bit, and take a little break,
then off we go again!

After our ride we get to meet and play with the puppies!
And they really like to play!  And lick!!

And here's our official group photo!
Off to the plane!  There's a reason Lynnette took Lindley on this,
the least of which is that I would not get on this plane!!

She seems to be having fun!!

They are very happy!  Yay for them!!

Just a bit of what they saw on their trip.
Obviously all their photos were shared - I certainly wasn't aboard!!

Today's blessings include: having fun with the dogs and having a great summer sled ride; hearing our guide's stories about the Iditarod

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