Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Plan. The New Plan. The "It's Gotta Work" Plan.

Yes, I know. Today is actually today. And there's a big ole gap between today and my last post. Which brings me to my latest plan to catch up. Interested? Okay, so here goes ...

My plan is to resume blogging (hopefully) every day. That way, I don't get any further behind. But what about all those days and days (which is actually almost two months of days) that have no blog post?

Well, I'm going to catch up on those. Hopefully, every day that I actually do a current post (which hopefully and should be every day), I will catch up on those missing days. Will they come in order? Nope. So how will you know which days are caught up? I'm planning (because I do like a plan) to list the "catch up" days at the bottom of the post under the "Thankful Today For ..." section. Because for every day that I get closer to being caught up, I will truly be thankful!

Thankful today for: having a new plan; Emmatha time; sweet words from Ms Precious

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Marilyn said...

Glad to see you are back! I miss reading about your life <3