Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday's Half Marathon

One more early morning wake up, then it's time for ... well, we'll discuss that later.  Anyhow, once more today, Molly and I got up at 4am, got dressed, got out, met Katie (who had her own version of the Mexican hat dance yesterday), and headed out to get in our corrals.  Molly was in Corral H and Katie and I were in Corral I.  However, when the various corrals were started, somehow Katie and I ended up in Corral G.  I just don't know how.  Moving on...

Once we did start, Katie took off running (it's a half marathon, people - even saints would have trouble keeping at my tortoise-pace).  Later as I was wogging through the streets of California Adventure, Molly came running up behind me - around Mile 3 (if you want to do some math, figure out how fast she had to move in order to catch up with me who started probably 10 minutes prior to her - it's like one of those train math problems of which left when and when they're going to crash into each other).  Anyhow, she did seem a bit confused as to why I was ahead of her when my corral should have started after hers, but it was not the time to discuss such matters and she ran off ahead.  She caught up with Katie and they finished the race together.

We like blingage!!
Meanwhile in the slow section, we plodded on mile after mile.  I didn't see any injuries today, which was a good thing.  We plodded through the streets of Anaheim, past the Latin and Hawaiian dance crews, past the bands and cheerleaders, past all the car clubs who brought their cars to line up along the route, and through the California Angels Stadium, where hundreds of boy and girl scouts and their families were in the stands, cheering us on.  At some point Molly and Katie finished.  Eventually I found my way to the finish line and received my half marathon medal, my Dumbo Double Dare medal, and my Coast to Coast medal (for doing a Disney half marathon on each coast).  I then had to walk about another 78 miles to a race regulated crossing point to get to back to my hotel, just in time to take a quick shower, change clothes, and catch the Super Shuttle to the airport (which arrived about 45 minutes late, after we tried to catch the wrong shuttle and Molly nearly got into a take-down with the shuttle driver and his occupants).  Katie and Nancy came to see us off, and off we did go to the airport - at light-warp speed (the driver knew he was late and one couple were in danger of missing their flight - they were also the last to be let off and royally infuriated the driver by opening the door as soon as he slowed down to let the rest of us off).

Anyhow, we arrived in plenty of time to reprint our tickets with our TSA Pre stamp on them.  We were then directed to tote our suitcases up a flight of stairs to go through one security checkpoint, only then be told that we needed to go through another security checkpoint.  Eventually, we made it through all the checkpoints, got some Starbucks (even though they were out of trenta cups) and Burger King (less than stellar) and board our Air Canada Rouge flight.  Which ended up in Vancouver.  On purpose.  But more about that tomorrow ...

Charity's newest boyfriend - the Mayor of Main Street at the MK!
Today's race is for Charity, our favorite Disney and Sonic friend.  She's our Disney friend because whenever we take her somewhere Disney, we don't have to worry about her.  She just needs a room key and she's off to the parks to spend every waking moment doing something (while we're taking naps) or off on an excursion.  This time last year she was with us at this race, doing her first half marathon.  She smoked it and received her Disneyland Half Marathon medal. Charity's the type of friend everyone should have - she's kind and sweet and fun to be around.  So Charity - when's our next Disney adventure??

Today is a gift because:  Corralling with Katie; seeing Molly at California Adventure; finishing the stupid half marathon; Molly saving me some shaved ice; Katie and Nancy waiting with us for the super shuttle; fast ride to LAX; safe, smooth plane ride; riding the train to our hotel; dinner with Molly at that place; KB's arrival in Vancouver

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday's 10K

Yup, 4am rolled around again this morning.  And again, Molly and I got up, got dressed, and got out the door.  This morning Katie joined us for the 10K - half of this weekend's Dumbo Double Dare (you complete a 10K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday and you get a special medal.  And we like medal bling!). Anyhow, we found our corrals and waited for our corral to start. And eventually it did ...

Today's race was a rather treacherous race for some.  Just after our corral crossed the start line, we saw a woman on the ground and several runners around her screaming for medics.  Since we are not medics, we continued on the course (we never heard what happened).  A little later as we were tromping on the streets of Anaheim, a little girl around 10 or so tripped and fell - and promptly got up and kicked my butt by finishing hours before I did.  A little later, some dude was passing Katie and lost his shoe, which Katie narrowly avoided and thus avoiding a fall of her own.  Then, while we were passing the castle at Disneyland, we saw another woman on the ground and people calling for a medic, who happened to be passing by on his medic bicycle.  The three of us managed to finish without mishap and receive our 10K medals (and a stop by the shave ice truck). Molly and Katie decided to head to Disneyland with Nancy for some early-opening fun, while I opted for a shower and a nap.  Molly returned at noon with some lunch and promptly decided it was time for her nap. Unfortunately when she awoke, she felt like she had the Mexican hat dance that I had experienced the night before.  We decided it was best for her to stay near a bathroom and had to cancel our dinner with the girls. After all, we have one more 4am wake up call in the morning ...

Today's race is for Katie.  Who new when we were strangers and table mates on a cruise nearly two years ago, that we'd be spending the weekend at Disneyland together now? Ever since Katie did her first half marathon on a borrowed Princess bib, she drank the Kool-aid and is now a full-fledged Disney runner and has the running costumes to prove it.  She has controlled her speediness and actually walked a few races with me.  And she's also been my corral crime partner a few times, but we'll just leave those stories private. Anyhow, this one's for Katie - may your skirts always sparkle and your threads always be raw!
Today was a gift because:  finishing the 10K; wogging through the parks; shave ice; doing a little laundry; getting a new running skirt; getting to bed early

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday's 5K

After I woke up pretty much every hour (the Mexican fiesta kept a party going on in my lower GI system all night), all too soon 4am rolled around. Molly and I needed to get up then to be out the door at 4:30am in order to walk to the 5K start, which happened to be just down the walk from our hotel. However, you're supposed to be in your corral by 5am, so we got up, got ready, and got out the door.

A few hours later, we were done (and nearly done in - it was rather warm) and back in our hotel room after a stop at the shaved ice food truck.  I showered and changed and we met up with Katie and Nancy for a quick trip around California Adventure.  We ate lunch and headed back to the hotel (Molly and I did - Katie and Nancy stuck around for a little more Adventure).  After napping a bit, we met up again and headed to Disneyland for dinner and wandering.  And then to bed.  Again.  For tomorrow's 4am wakeup.  Again ...

Anyhow, today's race is for Nancy, Katie's mom. Ever since we met and Katie's gotten caught up in the Run Disney mania, Nancy's been a great supporter of Katie's efforts.  She's come on various race weekends, and cheered us on this January during the Disney 10K.  She says one of these days she's going to do a Disney 5K.  I believe she will. The only question is - will she tutu or sparkle skirt??!!
Today was a gift because:  Disney 5K with Molly; shaved ice; lobster nachos at the Cove Bar and Toy Story Mania with the girls; dinner at Disneyland

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Westward Ho!!

So this morning, Molly and I got up at 4am in order to make our 5:55am flight to LAX via Denver.  Yes, we're headed to that place out there that is related to that place down south in Florida.  Anyhow, we also stopped to pick up Mathieu on the way to the airport, since he had a 6:20am flight to Montana.  Sadly, Mathieu's dad passed away last week and he's travelling to be with the family and help with his father's funeral.

After a smooth flight to Denver (the plane was only half full, so no middle seat!  Well, for me anyway. Apparently Molly is a popular girl and had a middle seat companion (this was a Southwest flight, hence the middle seat mystery until everyone gets onboard).  We had enough time in Denver to grab breakfast and then get on our next flight to LAX.  Once again, no middle companion for me, but Molly had a little boy sit next to her and eventually use her as a pillow.

Before lunch ...
Another smooth flight, and soon we were waiting for our Super Shuttle.  And then we were at the Disneyland Hotel.  We checked in and left our bags at bell services (our room wasn't ready) and headed for the race expo (yep, we're here to wog some distances).  Katie and Nancy had arrived a few hours before us, and held a place in line for us (well, maybe not specifically for us, but we joined them in line).  We all shopped around at the expo and got our race stuff and headed to Tortilla Joes for lunch.  Which we gulped down like we were starving and we ate entirely too much.  Once the food inhalation was over, we all went back to our rooms - Katie and Nancy's was ready, and we only had to wait a short time before ours was ready.

Later that evening, the Mexican fiesta was not sitting so well in my body, so Molly met up with Katie and Nancy for a little shopping.  She returned with some dinner (why I thought I needed more to eat, I do not know), and then we went to bed.  We need a few hours of snoozing before tomorrow's 4am wakeup!!
Today was a gift because:  Safe, smooth flights to California; Katie and Nancy holding a place in the expo line and eating dinner with us; diving into bed to sleep

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

That Again??

Today I have to pack the suitcase that is going to last me for ten days.  Yes, I'm going out of town again, but more about that later.  The issue here is packing.  Which I do not like to do, and tend to put off until the last minute.  Oh, and I am planning to pack it all into a carry-on suitcase.

Anyhoo, I'm headed west to Disneyland for a race or two (or maybe three).  From there we're (Molly and I) are headed north to meet up with KB in Vancouver for a little boat trip to Alaska (yes again).  So not only do I have a few different locations/experiences, I also will be packing for a few different temperatures.  I also need to pack binoculars, mainly so I won't have to purchase yet another pair.  The good news is that I won't have any room for souvenirs that I don't need - unless I also purchase another suitcase.

I'm not complaining - well, maybe I am, but I'm trying not to.  I know I am blessed to be able to go places and do things.  I just wish I was better at this packing thing.  Oh well - I guess one can't be great at everything!!
Today is a gift because:  I got caught up on some tasks; got sheets changed and laundry done; Steve went out and got dinner; I got my suitcase packed!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Party Time!!

Tonight was my official family birthday party.  Normally I don't like doing parties after the fact, but this was the one day that most of the family was in town.  And so we had a party.  The menu?  Boiled shrimp, Manwhich, Suddenly Salad (ranch version), french fries (in case you preferred your Manwhich over fries rather than on a bun), green salad, and Funfetti cake with the last can of Rainbow Chip Icing (discontinued, much to the distress of Maribeth and Lynnette - sure this can technically has its "best by" date of May 12, 2014, but we ate it anyway).  Anyhow, as far as the menu went, there was something for everyone.

This year was a great year in terms of gifts for me.  I would have included photos, but I don't really have any.  Besides, I am on a plane headed west and trying to catch up, so you'll have to use your imagination.  Anyhow, in addition to my lovely Disney Cruise Toms, I also received:  Disney shirts, reading glasses, and sunglasses; antique Donald Duck cast iron bank (to join Mickey and Minnie); running socks; a Run Disney countdown plaque; a fake-hair visor (maybe I should have included pictures); and some other stuff that eludes my brain right now.

Anyhow, it was a great conclusion to a great birthday weekend.  The best part is always being with family and realizing once again, that family is the best gift of all!
Today is a gift because:  taking Everley to school and picking up Everley and Lindley from school; family birthday party; Mathieu's safe return from Korea

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Weekend, The Mission, The Aftermath ...

Sure, it was a great weekend.   We had fun, we got pictures, we finished the mission. But it certainly came with a price - at least for this newly-aged 57 year old!

Trotting through the park in search of characters is fun - if you're a child.  And while being a child a heart has its benefits, having the body and legs of a child would have been helpful for this undertaking.  And I think some of the characters might have been more willing to stop for pictures, had we been seven instead of 57!

And then there was the temperature.  Again, a child might not notice the 98+ degree heat, but add that to the already warm temperature of a post-menopausal old woman, and you've doubled the temperature.  And I won't even bring up the heat index/humidity!

The worst part was that, in our efforts to complete our task, there was no time left for naps - a definite must for children of all ages - particularly old ladies.  Instead of chilling back in the room for a couple of hours, we were sweating like the oldies trying to figure out when Tiana would be out and would we have enough time to see her before our Fast Pass for Mickey.

Anyhow, we got it all done and in time to make our flight home.  We actually stopped (we had this on our schedule) at the outlet mall on the way to the airport, but none of us had the energy to shop much.  So we just headed to the airport for a nice chair in an air conditioned building.

Once home, I think we all just dove into our individual beds at home and sacked out.  Today after doing things like work, there was probably more sacking out.  It's amazing how much this little assignment wore us slap out.

But we really had a great time - and have the pictures to prove it!!
Today was a gift because:  no characters to run after!  waking up in my own bed; unpacking my suitcase; E sleeping over and taking her to school

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 3 - Characters 40-57

Number 40 - Merida - whose curly locks are excellent for days like today
when the temperature is 900 degrees and the humidity is 100%

Number 41 - White Rabbit - that's Alice's hand on my shoulder.  I don't think she knew she was being cut out
of the picture - or she might have given me some potion to drink ...

Number 42 - Cinderella - she wasn't fazed by two old ladies with a number and a picture
of some other lady - just another day in her life ...

Number 43 - Rapunzel - obviously Punzie's a teenager with some attitude ...
Number 44 - Fairy Godmother - finally someone close to our age.  Although we didn't mention that,
just in case she decided to bippity-boppity us into something even less desirable ...

Numbers 45 and 46 - Aladdin and Jasmine.  Perhaps if I had on her outfit, the sweat stains wouldn't show.
The only bad parts would be my parts that would be showing ...

Number 47 - Jessie.  One of the few characters who's head size is larger than mine.

Number 48 - Tiana - She said she would make me a cake if she had known I was coming.
And then she invited me down to her restaurant.  However, she neglected to tell me the address ...

Number 49 - Tigger.  Pooh's paw is in there, but we got him yesterday ...

Numbers 50 and 51 - Wreck It Ralph and Vannellope Von Scheweetz - the candy behind us is fake.
I know - I licked it.  It was way past lunch at this point, but we were on a mission ...

Numbers 52 and 53 - Frozone and Mr. Incredible.  Bodysuits.  Need I say more??

Numbers 54 and 55 - Mike Wazowski and Sulley - I don't know what Mike's other hand is touching,
but KB seems to be doing something with her other hand, too ...

Number 56 - Mater.  No, Disney picture taking person - we do not want a picture with Lightening McQueen.
We only need one more picture.  And Mater seems more in keeping with our current age and body.

AND FINALLY - NUMBER 57!!!  And with who else, but the one and only Mickey Mouse!!!
By the way, this dude speaks.  Out loud.  The good thing is that he keeps his actual thoughts quiet.
But here I think he's thinking, "What the crap is this??"

Today was a gift because:  we finished our 57 photo quest; lunch with KB and Molly at the ABC Commissary; safe flight home; Everley coming over to spend the night; Molly ordering pizza and Maribeth delivering it, and it's my birthday!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Day 2 - Characters 7-39

Number 7 - Stitch, as we were leaving Typhoon Lagoon.  Because people were reporting sightings
of beached whales.  Which mysteriously stopped once I left ...

Numbers 8 and 9 - Dug and Russell, our inspiration for our Expedition Everest Challenge 5K "race" outfits.

Numbers 10 and 11 - Chip and Dale.  Chip obviously preferred Sharon's face to his own ...

Number 12 - Rafiki, whose makeup techniques I intend to implement once I return home ...

Numbers 14 and 15 - King Louie and Baloo.  It seems to me that KB and I seem to gravitate toward certain body types ...

Number 15 - Alice, who is dressed in blue, as are we.  Bet it's hard to pick out who's who ...

Numbers 16 and 17 - Winnie the Pooh and Rabbit.  This was just after the monsoon that flooded one of the sidewalks at Epcot.  Or was that just a new "wade through" attraction ...

Number 18 - Stinky Pete The Prospector.  Technically, I don't think he's on Disney's payroll, but he looked so darn authentic, we couldn't resist ...

Numbers 19 and 20 (although a little reversed in the picture) - Buzz Lightyear and Woody.  Clearly one is a little more friendly than the other.  Or maybe it's KB who's friendlier ...
Number 21 - Dr. Facilier from "The Princess And The Frog."  Weird hands.  Meanwhile, KB looks like a glamour shot while I look like I've had a few shots ...

Number 22 - Jafar.  We waited an hour to see this dude.  In the heat.  Surrounded by crazy villain-seeking people.  Hence our expressions ...

Number 23 - Storm Trooper - the beginning of our Star Wars encounters ...

Number 24 - Asajj Ventress - from Star Wars.  Never heard of her.  But with the acquisition of Star Wars by Disney, this person (?) is now the new Disney stepsister.  And when you're trying to get 57 character pictures in 24 hours, if the character has a Disney handler in tow, you take the picture!!

Number 25 - Gamorrean Guard - yeah, I don't know either.  Star Wars.  57 pictures.  You do the math ...

Number 26 - Governor Ratcliff from Pocahontas - this is what happened when his mother said,
"You make that face again and it's going to freeze that way."

Number 27 - Cruella de Vil.  Clearly the classiest dame out tonight.  Except for the two classy dames on either side!

Number 28 - Prince John.  We had to chase him down.  In the 90 degree heat.  Sharon looks fresh, though ...

Number 29 - Sherriff of Nottingham.  He kept stealing Sharon's photo and running off with it.  I don't know what KB did to get it back ...

Number 30 - Stromboli.  He danced a little jig.  We ran after him (which was what one had to do with some of these villains in order to get a picture).  Whose idea was this, anyway??

Number 31 - J. Worthington Foulfellow from Pinocchio - yeah, he seems to be leering at KB ...

Number 32 - Gideon also from Pinocchio - yes, we're all staring at Sharon's picture.  I don't know why.  Clearly at least one of the three of us lurves her ...

Number 33 - Gaston.  Clearly the pompous you-know-what he appears to be.  Refused to turn around, preferring the younger chickadees in the front.  We may be old, but we old geezers have a few tricks still left, especially if it involves getting that picture!!

Numbers 34 and 35 - Brer Fox and Brer Bear.  By this time, it was 11pm and around 400 degrees.  We were making plans to take pictures with the ice cream man ...

Numbers 36 and 37 - Anastasia and Drizella - who's the prettiest now???

Number 38 - The Big Bad Wolf - his tongue was not wet, probably due to dehydration in the heat ...

Number 39 - The Queen of Hearts.  And our cue to call it a night and return to the hotel.  For a shower and sleep.  After all, we still have the rest to do tomorrow!!!

Today was a great day because:  Typhoon Lagoon with Steve, Molly, and KB and later LeCellier with the same; Villians Unleashed party with KB and Molly; getting pictures