Monday, August 25, 2014

The Weekend, The Mission, The Aftermath ...

Sure, it was a great weekend.   We had fun, we got pictures, we finished the mission. But it certainly came with a price - at least for this newly-aged 57 year old!

Trotting through the park in search of characters is fun - if you're a child.  And while being a child a heart has its benefits, having the body and legs of a child would have been helpful for this undertaking.  And I think some of the characters might have been more willing to stop for pictures, had we been seven instead of 57!

And then there was the temperature.  Again, a child might not notice the 98+ degree heat, but add that to the already warm temperature of a post-menopausal old woman, and you've doubled the temperature.  And I won't even bring up the heat index/humidity!

The worst part was that, in our efforts to complete our task, there was no time left for naps - a definite must for children of all ages - particularly old ladies.  Instead of chilling back in the room for a couple of hours, we were sweating like the oldies trying to figure out when Tiana would be out and would we have enough time to see her before our Fast Pass for Mickey.

Anyhow, we got it all done and in time to make our flight home.  We actually stopped (we had this on our schedule) at the outlet mall on the way to the airport, but none of us had the energy to shop much.  So we just headed to the airport for a nice chair in an air conditioned building.

Once home, I think we all just dove into our individual beds at home and sacked out.  Today after doing things like work, there was probably more sacking out.  It's amazing how much this little assignment wore us slap out.

But we really had a great time - and have the pictures to prove it!!
Today was a gift because:  no characters to run after!  waking up in my own bed; unpacking my suitcase; E sleeping over and taking her to school

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