Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday's 5K

After I woke up pretty much every hour (the Mexican fiesta kept a party going on in my lower GI system all night), all too soon 4am rolled around. Molly and I needed to get up then to be out the door at 4:30am in order to walk to the 5K start, which happened to be just down the walk from our hotel. However, you're supposed to be in your corral by 5am, so we got up, got ready, and got out the door.

A few hours later, we were done (and nearly done in - it was rather warm) and back in our hotel room after a stop at the shaved ice food truck.  I showered and changed and we met up with Katie and Nancy for a quick trip around California Adventure.  We ate lunch and headed back to the hotel (Molly and I did - Katie and Nancy stuck around for a little more Adventure).  After napping a bit, we met up again and headed to Disneyland for dinner and wandering.  And then to bed.  Again.  For tomorrow's 4am wakeup.  Again ...

Anyhow, today's race is for Nancy, Katie's mom. Ever since we met and Katie's gotten caught up in the Run Disney mania, Nancy's been a great supporter of Katie's efforts.  She's come on various race weekends, and cheered us on this January during the Disney 10K.  She says one of these days she's going to do a Disney 5K.  I believe she will. The only question is - will she tutu or sparkle skirt??!!
Today was a gift because:  Disney 5K with Molly; shaved ice; lobster nachos at the Cove Bar and Toy Story Mania with the girls; dinner at Disneyland

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