Thursday, August 28, 2014

Westward Ho!!

So this morning, Molly and I got up at 4am in order to make our 5:55am flight to LAX via Denver.  Yes, we're headed to that place out there that is related to that place down south in Florida.  Anyhow, we also stopped to pick up Mathieu on the way to the airport, since he had a 6:20am flight to Montana.  Sadly, Mathieu's dad passed away last week and he's travelling to be with the family and help with his father's funeral.

After a smooth flight to Denver (the plane was only half full, so no middle seat!  Well, for me anyway. Apparently Molly is a popular girl and had a middle seat companion (this was a Southwest flight, hence the middle seat mystery until everyone gets onboard).  We had enough time in Denver to grab breakfast and then get on our next flight to LAX.  Once again, no middle companion for me, but Molly had a little boy sit next to her and eventually use her as a pillow.

Before lunch ...
Another smooth flight, and soon we were waiting for our Super Shuttle.  And then we were at the Disneyland Hotel.  We checked in and left our bags at bell services (our room wasn't ready) and headed for the race expo (yep, we're here to wog some distances).  Katie and Nancy had arrived a few hours before us, and held a place in line for us (well, maybe not specifically for us, but we joined them in line).  We all shopped around at the expo and got our race stuff and headed to Tortilla Joes for lunch.  Which we gulped down like we were starving and we ate entirely too much.  Once the food inhalation was over, we all went back to our rooms - Katie and Nancy's was ready, and we only had to wait a short time before ours was ready.

Later that evening, the Mexican fiesta was not sitting so well in my body, so Molly met up with Katie and Nancy for a little shopping.  She returned with some dinner (why I thought I needed more to eat, I do not know), and then we went to bed.  We need a few hours of snoozing before tomorrow's 4am wakeup!!
Today was a gift because:  Safe, smooth flights to California; Katie and Nancy holding a place in the expo line and eating dinner with us; diving into bed to sleep

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