Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday's Half Marathon

One more early morning wake up, then it's time for ... well, we'll discuss that later.  Anyhow, once more today, Molly and I got up at 4am, got dressed, got out, met Katie (who had her own version of the Mexican hat dance yesterday), and headed out to get in our corrals.  Molly was in Corral H and Katie and I were in Corral I.  However, when the various corrals were started, somehow Katie and I ended up in Corral G.  I just don't know how.  Moving on...

Once we did start, Katie took off running (it's a half marathon, people - even saints would have trouble keeping at my tortoise-pace).  Later as I was wogging through the streets of California Adventure, Molly came running up behind me - around Mile 3 (if you want to do some math, figure out how fast she had to move in order to catch up with me who started probably 10 minutes prior to her - it's like one of those train math problems of which left when and when they're going to crash into each other).  Anyhow, she did seem a bit confused as to why I was ahead of her when my corral should have started after hers, but it was not the time to discuss such matters and she ran off ahead.  She caught up with Katie and they finished the race together.

We like blingage!!
Meanwhile in the slow section, we plodded on mile after mile.  I didn't see any injuries today, which was a good thing.  We plodded through the streets of Anaheim, past the Latin and Hawaiian dance crews, past the bands and cheerleaders, past all the car clubs who brought their cars to line up along the route, and through the California Angels Stadium, where hundreds of boy and girl scouts and their families were in the stands, cheering us on.  At some point Molly and Katie finished.  Eventually I found my way to the finish line and received my half marathon medal, my Dumbo Double Dare medal, and my Coast to Coast medal (for doing a Disney half marathon on each coast).  I then had to walk about another 78 miles to a race regulated crossing point to get to back to my hotel, just in time to take a quick shower, change clothes, and catch the Super Shuttle to the airport (which arrived about 45 minutes late, after we tried to catch the wrong shuttle and Molly nearly got into a take-down with the shuttle driver and his occupants).  Katie and Nancy came to see us off, and off we did go to the airport - at light-warp speed (the driver knew he was late and one couple were in danger of missing their flight - they were also the last to be let off and royally infuriated the driver by opening the door as soon as he slowed down to let the rest of us off).

Anyhow, we arrived in plenty of time to reprint our tickets with our TSA Pre stamp on them.  We were then directed to tote our suitcases up a flight of stairs to go through one security checkpoint, only then be told that we needed to go through another security checkpoint.  Eventually, we made it through all the checkpoints, got some Starbucks (even though they were out of trenta cups) and Burger King (less than stellar) and board our Air Canada Rouge flight.  Which ended up in Vancouver.  On purpose.  But more about that tomorrow ...

Charity's newest boyfriend - the Mayor of Main Street at the MK!
Today's race is for Charity, our favorite Disney and Sonic friend.  She's our Disney friend because whenever we take her somewhere Disney, we don't have to worry about her.  She just needs a room key and she's off to the parks to spend every waking moment doing something (while we're taking naps) or off on an excursion.  This time last year she was with us at this race, doing her first half marathon.  She smoked it and received her Disneyland Half Marathon medal. Charity's the type of friend everyone should have - she's kind and sweet and fun to be around.  So Charity - when's our next Disney adventure??

Today is a gift because:  Corralling with Katie; seeing Molly at California Adventure; finishing the stupid half marathon; Molly saving me some shaved ice; Katie and Nancy waiting with us for the super shuttle; fast ride to LAX; safe, smooth plane ride; riding the train to our hotel; dinner with Molly at that place; KB's arrival in Vancouver

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