Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello Vancouver!!

If it’s Monday, we must be in Vancouver.  Yes friends, I am in Vancouver.  Yes, I am planning to board the Disney Wonder cruise ship today.  Yes, it’s the same ship that I boarded back in May.  Yes, we are headed for Alaska again.  And yes, we means me, Molly, and KB.  Questions answered?

No?  Okay , I am going on this cruise because Molly and I were on the West Coast and in theory close enough to Vancouver to justify going to Alaska (at least in my rather simple brain).  Molly didn’t get to go on the May cruise to Alaska and KB has never been to Alaska, so again, more justification.  And if you had been on the West Coast and never been on this cruise, you could have come, too.  But since I am actually posting this several days late, guess it just didn’t work out.  Oh well – next time for sure!

Anyhow, KB got to our hotel well after midnight last night.  We managed to sleep a few hours, waking up for the obligatory Canadian Tim Horton breakfast.  Then we got our stuff together and headed for the port (after the bellhop told us we could leave our bags with him and the hotel would deliver them to the port – hoping he was truthful and not some unsavory dude in a bellhop costume).

Once we got to the port, we joined the small but growing line to check in.  Eventually they opened up the gates and we went through customs and were directed to the waiting room chairs.  The Disney people summoned their passengers, and we got in line (I continue to be amazed at the number of adults who do not know what “get in line in your turn” means and just enter the front of the line no matter what).  We check in and then head to the supervisor desk where we upgrade ourselves – to a one-bedroom concierge room (which means two bathrooms!).  We wait around in the conci lounge with other people (whom we talk about because they are weird, unlike us, who are perfectly cool).  Anyhow, soon we are on the ship (boarding after the Disney Family Of The Day) and eating shrimp.

The rest of the day goes pretty much as expected, which means food, food, and more food, until dinner when we meet our weekly servers (but not our dining companions who were not there).  Since we have late dining, once we had consumed our final bites for the day, we pretty much headed back to our room and passed out.  We’re on our way to Alaska!!


Today is a gift because:  TH breakfast with Molly and KB; bellhop dude making our lives easier; being at the front of many lines; getting an upgrade; meeting our best friend for the week – Roderigo; meeting our dining servers; going to sleep in our home for the week

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