Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hello Skagway!

Today we docked in Skagway, my favorite port.  Our first adventure was the train ride up the mountain.  It was great, until we got up really high and the fog overtook everything and we couldn’t see anything.  We still had fun and made it back down the mountain in time to get back on the ship, eat lunch, and then head up on our second excursion, the summer camp for dog sleds.  This was also a fun excursion because to get to the dogs, we rode some vehicle that practically climbs mountains, which it had to do.  Anyhow, the dogs were fun and sweet and we had a good time.  Molly met KB and me in town and we shopped around a bit before getting back onboard.  Once there, we decided we didn’t want to go eat in the dining room so we ordered room service and watched the first “Captain America” movie.  Tomorrow we are in Juneau!


Today was a gift because:  fun excursions with KB and Molly; great tour guide on the sled dog excursion; shopping in Skagway; room service dude

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