Monday, September 15, 2014

And We're Done!

Usually we head back to Nashville right after the Closing Ceremonies of the 3-Day.  But Southwest didn't have any late flights, so we decided to spend the night and head back early this morning.  It proved to be a great idea, since we didn't have to pack last night and rush to the airport in our walking clothes.  Instead we were able to eat dinner, take any needed meds, and sleep one last night in Philly. We considered a night bus tour of the city, but decided to return one day - when 60 miles isn't on the schedule!

After doing this walk three years in a row, Team Udderly Pink has decided to take a break.  How long is anybody's guess.  Last year we said we wouldn't do it again, and you see what happened.  So you never know ...  But for now, we're holding firm to a break.

But the thing is, once you do these events, you're forever tied to them. And why?  It's not because of the thrill of walking 60 miles and patching your feet and taking Tylenol on a schedule.

It's because of people like the lady in this picture, who was at the last few feet of this weekend's walk.

It's because of Marilyn and Emily and Mary and all the other survivors who live with a diagnosis and a cure.

It's because of those who live with a diagnosis and continue with radiation and chemotherapy in hopes of achieving that cure.

It's because of Debbie and all those who are gone too soon after battling and losing to breast cancer.

It's because that maybe raising some money and walking some miles may make a dent in finally finding a cure for breast cancer. Because there always has to be hope - hope for a future without breast cancer.

Today is a gift because:  safe, smooth flight back to Nashville with Lindley as my seatmate; talking and picking up Lindley from school; dinner with the fam; Lindley and Everley time

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Marilyn said...

Good reports on the 3Day- glad you all survived. Thanks for all you do for so many!