Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hello Philly!!

This morning Sharon and I boarded our plane to Philly.  KB and Molly will board their plane and get in around midnight tonight.  Tomorrow we will be up to get on the bus at 5am to head for Opening Ceremonies for the Philadelphia Breast Cancer 3-Day 60-Mile walk.  I think we're supposed to actually do 21.5 miles ...

Anyhow, we made it and got in the cab from the airport.  The driver asked if we wanted the windows up or down.  We said no, that the fresh air felt good.  For about 50 feet when the fresh air was blowing our hair all over the place. Sharon asked the driver to put the windows up halfway, which lasted for another 50 feet until he got on the freeway and the fresh air was blowing our sunglasses off our head.  So Sharon and I admitted defeat and asked that the windows be rolled all the way up.  Yes, we are wimps.

We arrived at our hotel and got checked in and went up to our rooms to unload our stuff.  We then went in search of lunch and ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe, because they don't have one of those in Nashville - oh wait, they do.  But because we were hungry and it was right there, we went in.  Then we saw the menu - and saw that they list the calories beside each entree.  And everything that looked delicious had about 1800 calories attached to it. Our waiter Rodney, who was very nice and helpful, suggested that we just look at the pictures and not the words.  And not our derrieres (well mine, anyway) - he didn't actually say that part. We did manage to find something we felt we could live with, and enjoyed lunch.

Afterwards, we returned to our rooms for a nap and later met up with Sam, Lynnette, Lindley, and Sarah and Melvin (Lynnette's parents) for dinner.  We were eating at a nice Italian restaurant when I looked over and noticed a girl talking to Lynnette.  It appeared that she was asking for money. Apparently our waiter noticed too and came over and asked the girl what she needed, which prompted her to run out the door.  I must say it was a first, to have someone come in from the outside to sit at the table and ask for money. Since Lynnette's order was also messed up, I must say she had an eventful dinner - maybe the cannoli for dessert helped make up for it.

S, L, L, S, and M headed to their hotel (down the block from ours) and Sharon and I headed back to ours.  Now all we have to do is wait for Molly and KB to arrive tonight, get a few hours of sleep, and then head out in the morning.  Go Udderly Pink!!
Today is a gift because:  safe plane ride to Philly; nice cab driver; lunch and Rodney at the Hard Rock and new shirts; dinner with the family and unexpected addition

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Denise in PA said...

I'm just catching up after a week out out of bummed I missed you! I will read all about it...I hope Philly treated you well!