Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello Sea Day!

Today is sort of a travel day – only instead of a road trip, we’re taking a water trip.  In other words, we be on da boat today!!

The first thing on our agenda was the DVC Member Meet, which means refreshments and a DVC presentation.  We had to leave early in order to attend our Character Breakfast (more about that later) and stopped at the desk to get our free DVC backpack.  The DVC chick at first did not want to give it up, but when we told her why we had to leave, she managed to pass one over – which is the last DVC free thing we will probably get on this trip, because both she and her DVC associate are not very friendly and/or nice to us.  Even though we have told her twice about our stateroom number change, we have yet to receive any notices about meetings or free stuff – and you know how much I like free stuff!  Whenever we pass by their desk in the hallway, they barely look up from their computers or whatever to acknowledge us, and when they do they do it with an atmosphere of condescention.  Oh well, I wasn’t going to buy more DVC points anyway …

Anyhow, after this meeting, we headed to our Character Breakfast, one of the last ones that will be offered on the Disney cruise ships.  There were many vacant tables – not sure why people didn’t want to attend – so it didn’t take long for all the characters to get around to us.  We took pictures (I stayed out of them), ate our breakfast, and headed back to our room to prepare for our next party – the gold and platinum reception, which meant more food, more drinks, more Mickey, and meeting Captain Fabian.

Tonight was formal night and the Captain’s Reception (free drinks) before dinner.  We put on our fancy clothes (for us, anyway – not the tuxedo and prom dress that others brought), got our free drinks and a picture with the Captain, and headed for dinner.  We finally met our dining companions – a threesome whose relationship we did not ascertain.  We think one girl and one guy are siblings, and the other girl is the guy’s girlfriend, but we will have to figure that out on future dinners.  Anyhow, we ate and left, and started our education on “The Avengers” movie series.  Molly’s idea.  We’re starting from the first movie, “Iron Man” and hopefully ending with the latest “Captain America” movie, which is showing on the ship.  I guess we all need a goal …

Tomorrow we will be at Tracy Arm, the big glacier.  When I was here in May, we couldn’t get close due to the iceberg-type things that were abundant in the water.  The Captain said they couldn’t get very close on last week’s cruise due to the seals on the iceberg-type things.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings!!

Today was a gift because:  all the meetings and receptions and breakfasts; meeting Mickey and the characters and the princesses; getting starting on our movie marathon

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