Friday, September 19, 2014

Just Another Day In San Juan

It’s hot in San Juan. Sure, I should have known that by now, but having spent a week in Alaska and a few days in a cooled-down Nashville, I was not prepared for this heat.

I roused myself from bed to go to the CVS down the street to get some drinks (I refused to pay the quadrupled prices in the hotel). Having spent most of the morning lounging around in the hotel room, I was shocked by the onslaught of hot mugginess that I encountered. And where was Steve? Out in his element – in the blazing hot sun on the beach. And yes, I do prefer to have pasty white legs rather than cook them in the broiler that is known as the beach. And yes, Steve did offer to procure an umbrella should I wish to join him. I wished not.

See Steve?  He's framed perfectly between the rails.

Now do you seem him?  The one sans umbrella!!!
Anyhow, I got the drinks and took Steve one – and promptly turned on my heels and headed back to the cool comfort of the hotel room. I am on vacation, you know.

After baking for his pre-determined length of time, Steve also returned to the room and cleaned up. We then strolled down to the Starbucks where we both got a drink and then to Wendy’s so Steve could get some lunch. Because when you’re out of town, you go to the local places – and in this case, Starbucks and Wendy’s counts. We then decided to pack it in and pack up for tomorrow – we have a boat waiting on us!!

Today was a gift because: walking about the neighborhood, not evaporating in the heat (probably because there’s a lot of me to evaporate)

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