Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday, Monday

So it looks like it's going to be a typical Davidson travel week.  Some going out, some coming back, some packing/unpacking/repacking suitcases, and a few airport runs.  Oh, and some are just staying put.

For instance, Steve is flying to Ft. Lauderdale today until Wednesday. Meanwhile, Molly (who returned from Orlando last night) will be flying to Las Vegas tomorrow.  Sam is going somewhere (but he's always going somewhere). Steve will return on Wednesday but then head to Columbus, MS, on Friday for a GDiz visit and the BIG GAME between MSU and Texas A&M on Saturday.  But before that, I will fly to Orlando on Thursday, meeting Molly who will be flying in from Las Vegas. Sam will be flying in and out, going places (we check the family Google calendar and/or Facebook to see his exact whereabouts).  That at least gets us through Saturday - I think.

The rest of the family will stay home and take care of things (get the mail and the paper, water the plants, scoop the poop, and otherwise keep the house standing).  It's not that they don't never get to go anywhere - it's just their travel time hasn't arrived yet.  It will come, and I will be the one at home taking care of stuff. And that will be a pretty good thing!
Today is a gift because:  Airport run for Steve; getting a few things accomplished at home; taking Everley to school

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