Friday, September 26, 2014

St. Kitts

Today is the last day of our cruise and our last port.  Tomorrow we will be back in San Juan, waiting for our plane to take us back to reality.  But we still have one more day to enjoy the Southern sun ... Except that today the sun decided to hide behind the rain clouds.  All week we've had beautiful sunny weather, so for one day, and the last one at that, I suppose we can handle a little bit of rain.

Anyhow, my sister Marilyn and her husband have been vacationing in St. Kitts all week, so the plan was for us to meet up for lunch (we were supposed to dock around 11am).  As the ship headed into port, Steve and I decided to go to the top deck to watch the ship sail in, and maybe see if we could see Marilyn and Eddie.

We looked at all the people beyond security, and sure enough, we saw a couple over to the side with a sign.  Of course our binoculars were down in our cabin, but we were pretty sure it was Marilyn and Eddie.  I even asked the lady next to me if her camera would zoom in, but even it had its limitations. Anyhow, we waved and the couple waved back, and sure enough it was them!


Today is Steve's birthday, so we all went to a nearby restaurant and had a great birthday lunch.  The rain came and went, and came and went some more.  After lunch we shopped around a bit more, then decided that we would each go to our own (and dry) vacation homes (for this week anyway).  They went back to their resort and Steve and I headed back to the ship.  It was really fun to be able to meet up this way!

Tonight we will see our favorite server Sylvester at Palo, where we will definitely eat too much.  Isn't that the way one ends a great vacation?!
Today is a gift because:  lunching and shopping with Marilyn and Eddie; seeing them from the ship with their sign; dinner with Sylvester

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Marilyn said...

Such a fun day! Loved it!