Sunday, September 14, 2014

Philly Breast Cancer Walk - Day 3

The rain was gone and today's weather promised to be perfect.  We got a later start today - the course didn't open until 7:30am, so we could sleep until 6:30!!  We headed to camp, ate breakfast, and soon were back out on the course.  Today's official course:  Approximately 14.6 miles - The final day will feature a complete tour of Center City. The day will be filled with all the hotspots and hidden treasures of Philadelphia! From the Constitution Center and City Hall to Love Park, there is much to see and enjoy. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Philadelphia walk without South Philadelphia and Pat’s Steaks. At the end of the journey, enjoy sharing a celebratory Closing Ceremony with your family and friends at the historic Navy Yard.

Molly prepping her tootsies for the day.
Molly - all dolled up and ready to go!!
Team Udderly Pink - Ready to head out for Day 3!!
It's 7:30am - do you know where your walker is?
We headed out and about, and were surprised to find ourselves headed back into town - right past our hotel!  But we kept going past several statues, historical buildings, and cheering supporters.  

One of our favorite supporters.  She's from Kentucky, and came up to cheer on a friend who's doing the walk!!

Somewhere along the route - our hotel's way back  yonder in the city ...
LOVE!  Need we say more?
Pit Stop!!
Lunch Stop!  Sam and Lindley met us for lunch!
Which was actually only 1.5 miles from our hotel,
but it took us 8 miles to get there ...
Walkers stopping at an unofficial pit stop.  Clearly a good time is being had by all ...
And we made it!!

Molly and KB taking those last few steps.
Molly is done!!  And done!
Molly's toes.  And ankles.  Ready for a rest.

Team Udderly Pink, 2014 Edition

Closing Ceremonies - we're behind the three people on your right.

Raising our shoes for the survivors as they walk in.
One of the most poignant moments of Closing Ceremonies.

We raise the flag to close out the walk -
And with that, the Philly 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk was over.  There were high points and low points, and happy times and not-so-happy times.  But we got through it as a team and hopefully made a difference in this fight against breast cancer.  Will we ever do it again?  We're not planning on it. But if you've never done one, and just might be considering it, let me know when you sign up.  You never know when Udderly Pink may make a comeback!!

Today I walked for Marilyn, Sandy N, Betty, Debbie H, and Andrea.

Today is a gift because: seeing a lot of the sights of Philadelphia; finishing the walk; Sam coming to Closing Ceremonies; Closing Ceremonies; bus ride back to hotel; dinner with Sam, Lynnette, Lindley, Sarah, and Melvin; KB getting her picture at the Rocky statue; not going back home and instead spending the night

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