Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Back Home ... For Now

Yes, September is a busy month.  There are races to run and birthdays to celebrate (and in the fashion that 2014 seems to dictate).  There are places to go and people to see.  So today I will unpack one suitcase, wash clothes, and start to think about packing another.

It's a blessing to have the opportunity to travel.  It's a blessing to be at home.  When they both occur in quick succession in a limited period of time, it tends to get to be overwhelming.  Travel has lots of possibilities for seeing and doing new things.  Being home has lots of responsibilities for cleaning stuff and catching up on stuff.  But somehow, neither proves to have any opportunity to rest.

I'm not complaining - really.  I just wish I had it all together enough to keep it all together all the time.  Maybe I should just have a bag packed, ready to go.  Maybe I should keep an eternal list of everything that needs to be done at home, all the time. Nah - I think I will just enjoy the moment - wherever it is.  Because more than likely, by tomorrow I'll have forgotten it.

Now to pay bills and catch up on the mail.  And where I am going again?
Today is a gift because:  Sonic for dinner with the family; Lindley and Everley time; catching up on the home stuff

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