Tuesday, September 23, 2014

St. Lucia - Segway Style!

Today our excursion was a Segway tour of St. Lucia. Steve had never been on a segway before, so he was not so sure about the whole thing. But once he got on and realized how much fun it was, he was hooked! Our tour guides were terrific and we had a great time. After our tour was over, we came back to the ship for our regular activities – eat/pool/nap. St. Lucia is a beautiful island and the weather was perfect (just warm), which made for a terrific day!

The machines await - let's not even think about the last time those helmets were sanitized ...
Our guide explaining the view of what we're seeing - clearly someone is listening intently.

Our next stop is up this hill - on foot.  It's steeper than you think ...

Once your heart gets you up the hill (and is still pumping), you get to feed the fishies.

This is the fish pond (and the bread we fed the fish).
Do you see the naturally made face in the side of the hill?

Soon it's time to go back down the hill.  Which was much easier than going up.

One of several bunkers built into the side of the hill.
They were used to store ammunition during the battles between
France and England to control the island.

Our mid-excursion snack.  Fresh watermelon, mangoes, oranges, bananas, and coconut juice.

Clearly a Segway Master.

"Look!  No Hands!"  Of course, the segway is not moving ...

Another stop on our tour - Segway Master considered being a boat captain.  Didn't happen ...

I think there's a job opening here...

As long as you pass Marie's muster ...
Today is a gift because: fun tour, fellow excursion-mates, and tour guides; beautiful day; beautiful sights of St. Lucia

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