Saturday, September 20, 2014

We're On The Ship!!

Our original plan was to leave the hotel around 10 and head to the port. We figured we could just as well sit around the cruise terminal as sit around the hotel, and hopefully be on the ship in time to eat lunch. At 9:30 we decided to go ahead, thinking we’d just spend a little more time at the terminal. We had no idea how long that little more time would be …

We arrived at the port just as it started to rain. No problem, since we would be waiting outside under a covered area. We were probably 25th or so in line. People continued to arrive as we all waited. And waited and waited. Nobody was going in. Steve and I started entertaining ourselves by talking about the other cruisers (because that gives them license to talk about us). There were many people who were part of groups – as evidenced by their matching t-shirts. There were many people who were long-lost friends – as evidenced by their hugs and yells. There were many people who spoke Spanish – as evidenced by their speaking Spanish. And after awhile, there were many more of all of these many peoples.

Finally after about two hours, the Puerto Rico DCL people let us in the door. Steve and I got checked in and looked for chairs to sit in. There were about 25 for the Concerierge people (who paid good money to get a chair) and about 25 for the other 2000 cruisers. Steve and I sat in the common folks chairs for awhile until the talking and yelling and happiness of those around us started closing in on me, and I suggested we go stand somewhere. Steve agreed and we found a spot closer to where I hoped we would be entering the walkway to the ship. I just didn’t know it was going to take another two hours. In a lobby full of 2000 people waiting to get on the ship. It started to get warm and the available air began to disappear and nobody would tell us what was going on. Finally, the world turned on its axis and they started letting the passengers in.

On board, Steve and I headed to eat, because that’s what we do. It was already 1:30, which meant as soon as we finished eating, our room would be ready. Steve, of course, headed for the pool. I, or course, headed for the room and a nap. The bad news for Steve is that the ship had run out of Coca-Cola, which meant there was none aboard. Except for the 2-liter bottles that were by the drink machine. Anyhow, he managed to get through it, mainly because I shelled out the money to buy him a canned Coke at the bar.

We did the lifeboat drill thing (our station is inside a restaurant, which leads me to believe that perhaps we will be last to board the leftover lifeboats) and then Steve started watching the MSU-LSU football game. We had to turn it off for dinner (we met two of our tablemates, a couple from Missouri – the other people were MIA tonight), but skipped out on dessert so Steve could watch the last of the game. It was very nerve-wracking, but MSU pulled it out for the win! Now the ship can set sail. And it eventually did, about two hours later than scheduled.

Anyhow, the good news is we’re on the boat, the Coke shortage has been remedied and is now flowing freely,  and we’re headed out for a week to places we've never been. Sounds like a plan to me!!

Today is a gift because: cab driver and getting to port; lots of waiting at the port; finally getting on the ship and making Palo ressie; naps and pool time; dinner and tablemates; MSU win; watching the pilot boat pick up the pilot

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