Thursday, September 25, 2014


Barbados. Compared to the other islands, Barbados is very flat. We had no excursions planned, so we just got off the ship and decided to head into town. The ship’s shopping literature said that there would be a complimentary shuttle to town. It also said that it is against the law for anyone, even for children, to dress in camouflage clothing or carry items made with camouflage material - so glad I left mine at home.  However, in the case of the shuttle, complimentary meant there would be one available, not free. However, since we did not know exactly where we were going, the $2/person charge was acceptable.

We walked out to the shuttle/taxi department, thinking there would be a bus marked Disney Cruise Line. However, we were directed to the line of white minivans. One was filled and was leaving, so we were directed to get into the next one. Eve (as in Adam and Eve in the Bible and now we’re in the Garden – as she told us), our driver, told us the fare amount, and I handed her a $5 bill. She didn’t have change, so I told her to keep it – I am a big tipper. Anyhow, we now got to wait until the van got filled. After a few minutes, another couple from the neighboring NCL cruise ship got on. We started chatting (because we were obviously going nowhere with only four people in the van). They asked us about the Disney cruise and about Nashville and what would be the benefits of retiring there. They were from Tampa, originally from Puerto Rico, so mainly I wanted to impress upon them the fact that the weather might be a little colder. Anyhow, after about five more minutes, an older lady couple got on and then a few more and then a few more until we finally had a full bus. Eve dropped us off in town and headed off to the beach with the Tampa couple.  

We got a really sweet deal on this excursion ...
We wandered about town, purchasing nothing, although we were shown necklaces made by one dude and offered a three hour tour by some other dude. We declined both offers and decided to walk back to the port rather than try to find Eve or some of her counterparts. Eventually we made it back to port and on the ship, where we commenced our usual afternoon activities.

Tomorrow we go to St. Kitts, where we will meet my sister Marilyn and her husband Eddie. They’ve been vacationing there all week, so they should know where to go. Or at least know a cab driver or two…

Today was a gift because: beautiful weather; Eve and our fellow bus riders; walking about town and seeing all the sites; walking back to the ship along the water

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