Thursday, September 18, 2014

We Made It!

Molly picked us up for an airport run at 7am (our first flight was 8:15). While Steve and I were at the gate waiting to board, I noticed a couple across from us who had a DCL Castaway Club bag. She noticed my bag and we discovered we are both on the same cruise. (I saw another lady board who was carrying a very elaborate pirate hat - I'm guessing she's on the cruise, too). The lady (wife?) of the couple (they look like maybe they are in their 40s) said they were meeting up with their facebook group (yeah, we missed that memo) and doing some stuff in San Juan.

We flew to Tampa and waited for our next flight - the one that flies into the heart of hurricane territory and over the ocean. We noticed several other family groups that are probably headed for the same reason to San Juan. In fact, as we were boarding and I was searching for Steve (he's always A16 on Southwest and I am A16++ or B), I heard someone who was already seated say, "I think she's going on the same cruise we are!"

Once we are all seated and ready to go, the flight attendant, in her feeble attempt to be cute, said, "Oh, and today's the pilot's first trip. He's going to try something special!" Not funny, lady. Especially since the pilot kept the seatbelt sign on most of the flight and had the flight attendants sit down the whole time because of "weather." And the fact that the internet did not work for 90 minutes because we were out of range of the internet. Like over the ocean. Which wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that I was unable to check out the weather so I would know exactly how much longer the seat belt sign was going to be on.

Nevertheless, we made it to San Juan without further incident. We got a cab to the hotel, angering a man who was trying to get in our taxi without going through the taxi police station. Luckily the taxi driver took care of the situation, telling the man that he needed to go to the taxi station and get the white piece of paper that Steve was holding. We got in our cab and soon we were at our hotel, passing a Starbucks, Wendy's, and Dunkin Donuts. Steve went out and got a pizza, which we ate, and then I pretty much went to bed - happy vacation!

Tomorrow there are no real plans, just hanging around. I'm sure Steve will head to the pool and/or beach. I shall concentrate of getting out of the bed.  It may be harder than you think ...
Today is a gift because: safe flights to Tampa and San Juan; room ready when we got to hotel; close stuff to walk to; i-chatting with Everley and Lindley; night thunderstorm

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