Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hello Tracy Arm!!

Today was a little overcast, but proved to be the perfect day for visiting a glacier.  The big water cubes (icebergs) were gone and the seals were elsewhere (at least the majority of them) so we (and by that I mean Captain Fabian) maneuvered the boat in a perfect position for glacier viewing.

We started the morning with brunch at Palo’s.  Which means eating a lot of food.  We were entertained by the dude at the next table trying to find that “perfect” glass of wine.  Danny, our shared server, brought at least three glasses for dude to consume, but none seemed to be just right.  Danny then gave dude a wine menu, but by the time we were finished and were leaving, dude still had not chosen a wine to his liking.

Anyhow, then we returned to our cabin to put on our stretchy clothes and headed out on desk.  We were still several hours from the glacier, but the scenery along the way was amazing.  They were also serving split pea soup in bread bowls (which was delicious, since it was warm and it was pretty cold outside).  For lunch the cooks grilled out on the deck, but after Palo brunch one is seldom hungry (or has room for food) until dinner, so we opted out.

Soon we were at the glacier, and it was beautiful.  We saw a smaller boat with passengers closer to the glacier, and several seals on the small ice cubes.  It is really a beautiful sight!

After a few hours, it was time for us to leave. We watched from the deck at the beautiful scenery as we sailed out and then got ready to go to the concierge reception (meaning free drinks and food).  There we met Captain Fabian (again) and Captain Mickey.  By the time we left, we were stuffed and decided to skip dinner.  Besides, we were ready for the next installment of the Avengers movies – Iron Man 2.  Tomorrow we land in Skagway!!
Today was a gift because:  Palo brunch; viewing the glacier; Molly’s ice bucket challenge; another reception

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