Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Highs Of Grenada

Today we didn’t have an excursion and decided to just walk around town on our own. The day was beautiful – and very, very hot. With the temperature in mind, we decided to get off the boat in the morning, before the heat became broiler level.

We walked around town before deciding to walk up to the fort. And by up, I meant way, way up. Eventually we made it, or should I say my heart made it. The views from the fort are breathtaking – the fort, not so much. It’s a little confusing, because the fort is in disrepair, yet the fee is $2/person to look around. In one part of the fort, a man was standing outside shaving. In another part, one room is dedicated to being a weight and workout room. There was a military-type person outside of this room, but he offered no information on the fort or the room. We walked around and took some pictures and decided to go back to town. As in downtown – way down a couple of flights of stairs.

Once there we shopped a little. We had walked past a optometry shop that was selling breast cancer t-shirts, so I went in to get one. The employees were all dressed in cute little red uniforms – quite a difference in my usual optometry shops at home. I asked for an XL t-shirt and the lady had to look a bit. Judging by the size of their red uniforms, they don’t sell many size XLs.

Anyhow, we decided to call it a day and head back to the ship. At least there we can cool down a bit!

The Fort.  From down below.  Waaaay down below.
Steve on watch.  Hopefully not aiming for our ride home ...

Did I mention how far down our ship is? And this is only halfway down!
However, going down is MUCH easier than going up!
Today is a gift because:  beautiful weather; walkabout with Steve; t-shirt shopping and optometry ladies; watching men buying fish

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