Thursday, June 8, 2017

Yup. Here Again ...

Yes, once again I am behind on blogging. Why? Well, there's the whole CNN thing that compels me to watch everyday to see what's going on in Washington. Then there's the whole lazy thing, which I shall illustrate in a few minutes. Then there's the whole sleep thing that I may or may not be getting, depending on how things have gone on CNN and whether or not I have a date with Insomnia. And then there's the whole list of things to do thing that we needn't even speak about...

Anyhoo, my friend Emily checks in from time to time to make sure I am still around, since my lack of blogging seems to coincide with my lack of facebooking. And so I shall try to catch up once again. Because I have places to go this month!!

And here are my current lazy excuses ...  And yes, I could have spent the time finding and copying and posting all these, to come up with a mind-blowing blog. And if you believe that, you are reading the wrong blog!!

Blessings today include: an actual decent night's sleep; two miles in the hood with KB; Steve's safe travel to Columbus; successful Wal-Marting; party planning with KB