Friday, June 2, 2017

The Neighbors

Two of the windows in our master bedroom, the two on either side of our bed, back up to our neighbor’s driveway. They moved in awhile ago, but we really haven’t met them. I’m not really sure who lives there – there seems to be a few teen-aged girls and maybe a mom (I’m not a good neighbor who runs over with muffins). The previous neighbors were a bit friendlier – a couple who would chat.

However, even though we don’t actually know the human people, apparently their pets like my house. Their cat comes over from time to time. Minnie Cat seems to tolerate that, but Maggie Cat makes sure the neighbor cat knows this is Maggie’s house – by hissing and growling through the window. The other day the neighbor cat sat in the window and I opened the window and let her walk on my desk while I gave her a pat. She left before Maggie Cat could come around and see what was going on.

Anyhow, apparently today both the cat and the neighbor dog decided to come over and sit a spell on my front porch. I’m not sure if they rang the doorbell and were waiting for me to answer, or they just decided my front porch was a good place to hang out.

Eventually I did open the door, and they left – perhaps their break was over or they figure they had waited long enough. Next time maybe we’ll have a cup of tea – or kibble!

Blessings today include: visits from the pets next door; fresh flowers from the landscaper

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