Monday, June 12, 2017

Castaway Cay - Part 1

 Today was stop #1 at Castaway Cay. To say it was hot is an understatement. The sun was out and the day was lovely – just way too hot for me. Nevertheless, I went with the group off the ship and we found a spot on the family beach close to a hammock (and with as much shade as possible). Maribeth took Emmatha to the splash area and Lynnette and Lindley followed. Everley and I went to the beach, where I managed to find a chair and plop it in the water. I stayed there until the splashers returned. Lynnette and Lindley came to the beach and I went back to our chairs, where Maribeth and Emmatha were. I volunteered to take Emmatha back to the ship for lunch and a nap (hooray) and Maribeth took me up on my offer, and soon Ems and I were headed back. Emmatha decided to go to sleep on the way, and stayed asleep while I had a quiet lunch.

Eventually the others returned to the ship, there was playing and swimming and dinner and shows, and eventually bed. A good day!
Blessings today include: a beautiful day at Castaway Cay; afternoon naps

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