Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Castaway Cay - Part 2

Today was our second day at Castaway Cay. It was still hot and still a lovely day. This time, I got off with the girls so Lynnette and Maribeth could get things together and follow (they actually caught up with us by the time we got to the tram). The girls obliged for a photo op with Pluto, and we trudged ahead. This time, we found a spot on a different part of the family beach, still under some umbrellas, but closer to the splash area. Maribeth took Emmatha to splash awhile and Lynnette took Lindley to get a hair wrap. That left Everley and me to go to the beach, to which she quickly decided she needed a float (and I needed a chair to stick in the water). Once those were procured, I saw Maribeth and Emmatha had returned from splashing, so I went over in hopes of switching jobs (and maybe heading back to the ship?). Maribeth and Everley headed to the water and then Lynnette and Lindley returned from the hair wrapping. Lindley wanted to play with Emmatha so we went in search of the splash zone (since LaLa didn’t go there the first day).

We played there for awhile until Lynnette and Lindley decided to return to the beach. Emmatha played a while longer until Maribeth showed up, and I decided it was probably time to return to the ship. I loaded Emmatha up, boarded the tram (which she decided would have been much more fun if she had been allowed to crawl all over), and started the trek back on board. And she fell asleep on the way. She slept all the way to room, then woke up a bit so we could get cleaned up and eat, and then we both decided a nice, long, cool nap was in order. And it was glorious!!

Eventually the rest of the crew returned from the beach. We followed our usual routine of playing, swimming, and eating, and before we knew it, it was time for bed again! Another great day at Castaway Cay!
Emmatha's not so sure about this big dog ...

But she is very sure about the splash area - she loves it!!

Pirate night tonight!!
Blessings today include: beautiful day at Castaway Cay; splash fun for Emmatha; pirate night fun

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