Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sea Day

For our last day, we just took it easy. Basically because the ship is so close to Port Canaveral, it sort of just floats along. The big girls and their mothers finished up whichever Detective Agency capers they hadn’t finished, some swam, some went to the clubs, some took naps, and everyone ate and played. We went to dinner and entertained our servers one last time (including Emmatha deciding that she wanted to lie down on the table). We packed our bags to be picked up and made sure we weren’t going to leave anything behind. It’s been a good cruise – guess we’ll probably do it again!!

Emmatha's preferred sleeping position -
or maybe she's protesting getting off the ship!!
Blessings today include: swimming and splashing; one last night with our dining team; getting packed up to leave

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