Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Closet Fixing Time!

Part of Molly’s remodel included transforming the former laundry room into a storage closet. It worked out really well, except that the room needed shelving. She ordered some large heavy-duty shelves and Adam put them together and placed them in the closet. He then filled them with the stuff they were going to store in that closet.

The only problem is that the shelves didn’t get arranged as Molly designed because the longer shelf, while it would fit in the closet, it wouldn’t fit in the closet with the baseboard. So, while Adam was out of town, we decided to fix that (and yes, we decided to do it while he was out of town so that we would be free of male advice while doing it).

So, I went over a little before Molly was going to get off work, and unloaded the shelves and the stuff on them. I then proceeded to start work on cutting the part of the baseboard that needed cutting so that the shelves would fit. I would tell you exactly how I did this, but you might not approve. Let’s just say it included a hammer, a chisel, and a jigsaw. By the time I had removed the necessary baseboard, Molly had arrived at home, so we set about putting the desired shelf where it was originally supposed to go.

Well, there was a slight problem. Or maybe two. Or maybe a few… First, the shelving unit couldn’t be put in the closet and twisted around as is. So some shelving had to be removed so the necessary twisted could take place. Then we discovered that we needed to cut a little more baseboard, so out came the chisel/hammer/jigsaw. And while it didn’t end up exactly pretty, we managed to fit it in. Then we had to put in the missing shelves. Which weren’t exactly level until Molly twisted and pounded them into levelness.

The other shelf was easy to put in, since it didn’t have to be twisted into place, nor did any baseboard need to be removed. And once all the shelves were in place, we loaded most of the storage stuff back onto the shelves, and now the closet is simply lovely! Now on to the next project ….

Blessings today include: starting and finishing Molly's closet plan; nice cool shower on a warm project day

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