Friday, June 30, 2017

Sea Day #2

Today was our second sea day. We started out with a bit of breakfast followed by a bit of Rainforest Room. I left my phone in the RR, but luckily when I returned to find it, the lady occupying my former chair had it. Whew!

We proceeded to lunch, followed by naps (duh!) and a movie in our stateroom. The rest of the day we spent reading and attempting to update this blog (I’m going to do it!)

Tonight we eat at Palo, and will be seeing Amanda. I’m going to tell her out lifeboat story. Although the problem seems to be resolved, I certainly want to cover all the bases!!

And now for a view from our little verandah!!

Blessings today include: another beautiful day at sea; Rainforest Room time; finding my phone thanks to nice lady

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