Saturday, June 10, 2017

Let's Get This Party Started!!

So today we begin our girls vacay. The girls in question being me, Maribeth, Lynnette, Lindley, Everley, and Emmatha. And where are we going? Wait for it …. Orlando! And why? Wait for it … A Disney cruise!! Woo hoo!!

A few months ago, we discussed this trip, and originally had planned to spend some time at Disney World. And then I got the bright idea that since the little girls really are fans of all the rides, why not go on a cruise where all the food is decided, there are clubs for the little girls to play in (and counselors to play with them), and someone to clean our rooms twice a day. It was a no-brainer!! And this particular Disney Dream cruise is for five nights instead of the usual four, with two stops at Castaway Cay, so it was a done deal. 

We waited to fly to Orlando until later this afternoon so Maribeth could work today. We all managed to get to the airport with all our luggage and boarded our plane and even found seats together. It was a smooth flight, even though the lady sitting next to Lynnette was nervous (and crying) that it was her first flight. And Emmatha was happy – that is, if she was allowed to crawl over the seat in front of us (luckily Lynnette and Lindley were sitting there), or get on the floor, or pull pages out of the magazine, or anything other than sit placidly in my lap.

At any rate, we landed in Orlando and headed off the plane. I took the little girls to the hotel (we’re staying at the Hyatt at the airport so we can easily board the bus tomorrow and have our bags taken from our hotel room) while Lynnette and Maribeth grabbed dinner. I got checked in, had bell services go in search of our luggage, and headed up to our rooms (we got two connecting rooms). Once I unloaded the kids, their crazy meters kicked in, and they spent the next 30 minutes running and jumping and playing while their mothers were getting a breather. Soon they returned with dinner, and we ate and soon went to bed. Emmatha and Everley decided to sleep with me, and once I got Emmatha’s sleeping rump off my face, I also fell asleep. Tomorrow we board the ship!!
Blessings today include: safe smooth flight to Orlando; getting checked in; nice bell dude; dinner in the room; bedtime for all!!

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