Saturday, June 17, 2017

See Ya Real Soon!!

Today our flight home doesn’t leave until the afternoon, so we had the morning to do stuff. Again, we opted out of the parks and decided to go to Disney Springs instead. We checked our bags at bell services (hooray for airline check in) and got on the bus for DS. Once there, we spent time at the Lego Store and the various Disney stores.

Soon it was time to return to AKL to board our Magical Express bus for the airport. Molly’s flight didn’t leave until tonight, so she was going to the movies. Lynnette was in line for some last minute purchases, so I took Lindley and Everley and boarded our AKL bus. Once we were at our resort, I got our backpacks from bell services and went out to the bench to wait.

Meanwhile, Lynnette was still at DS waiting for an AKL bus, which wasn’t coming. It was getting to be tight – our bus was due, and she had yet to board a bus. There was talk of taxis and Ubers to the airport. We decided to wait for her at AKL, and we would all board the bus together – or not. It was becoming quiet exciting! Meanwhile, Molly was at the movies – I’m not sure if her movie had more drama or not.

Finally, Lynnette texted that she had boarded a bus. The bad news was that the bus would stop at Jambo House before it stopped at Kidani Village (where we were). And the badder news? Our Magical Express bus pulled up!

The bus driver asked if we were waiting for the Magical Express. I said yes, and told him our story. We discussed where Lynnette was, and he said he had 10 minutes to wait at Kidani. His next stop was Jambo, so if Lynnette could make it to Jambo, where he had another 10 minutes wait, when she could get onboard there. So the girls and I got on the bus and headed to Jambo. Meanwhile Lynnette texted that she was almost there. Was she going to make it? Then tension builds!!

Soon we are waiting at Jambo. The people waiting all get on the bus. Lynnette texts that she is at Jambo!! She gets off the DS bus and hoofs it to the front of the resort, where the other bus stop is. As she is walking to our bus, the driver says, “Are you the one we’re waiting on?” And she makes the bus!!

Soon we are at the airport, where we have a bit to eat and then head to wait for our flight home. All is good, and soon we’re back at home in Nashville. What a great vacay!!

The view from our room.

On the way to Disney Springs!

Everley and Lindley make a new friend.
Thank goodness this isn't a Lego set ...

I'm not sure how she went from 7 to a teenager ...

And she made the Magical Express!!!
Blessings today include: shopping at Disney Springs; very nice and helpful Magical Express bus driver; Lynnette making the bus; safe smooth flight home; sleeping in my own bed

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