Monday, June 5, 2017

New Wishy Washy!!

Last week I finally decided I was done with my current washer and dryer. The dryer was old and while it still worked, the lint trap refused to stay put. It also had some dryer issues. Meanwhile, while the washer was not old, it refused to do some of the cycles, and refused to drain properly, and thus decided to emit odors at times. And yes, I have had people out to service it.

So, I decided that I was an adult and an older adult at that, and since I don’t spend my money on cigarettes and booze, or fashionable clothes (although something decent might be nice), or other wacky stuff (which does not include anything related to Disney or cruise, so get off your high horse), anyhow, I decided that I wanted and deserved a new washer and dryer. I mean, 40 years of laundry means something, doesn’t it?

We have always had Maytag. Steve grew up with Maytag and his mom believe in Maytag. However, apparently Maytag got sold off some years ago and their quality does not apparently hold up like the old days. So I went to my fave expert, Mr. Google (Dr. Google’s brother) and did my research. From that I deduced that Speed Queen was the way to go.

There is only one store in Nashville that sells Speed Queen. Last week while I had afternoon custody of Emmatha and Everley, we went to the store with a purchase in mind. Of course Emmatha climbed up and over anything in sight and started for the door while I did all the paperwork. I put Everley in charge of keeping her from huge danger, and soon I had a new washer and dryer on order.
Today they got delivered. They are not a stackable unit, which I deliberately chose, since I have been dealing with that for a few years and opted out. To say I was happy to see the washer actually fill with water was quite a moment – my clothes were going to get clean again!

It’s amazing what gets one all excited when one gets old …
Blessings today include: getting my new washer dryer installed and the old ones taken away; nice delivery dudes

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