Friday, June 16, 2017

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Today we had to leave the ship. Apparently they have other people that want our rooms. So, we got up, ate a little breakfast, and headed for the buses. Maribeth and Emmatha are flying home, since Maribeth has work tomorrow and Mathieu doesn’t so he can take care of Emmatha. Lynnette, Lindley, Everley, and I are headed for the Animal Kingdom Lodge to spend one last night.

We boarded the AKL bus, only to find that it wasn’t going to leave for 45 minutes. Luckily Lindley and Everley had their ipads, so everyone was entertained. Eventually the bus left, and off we went for Disney World. Our resort was the last to unload, and guess what we found when we got off the bus – Molly!! She decided to fly down and spend the night with us!

Since we arrived at the resort early in the morning, I didn’t really expect our room to be ready, although I was hopeful. Molly had gotten to the resort before us, and checked, but it wasn’t ready. We hadn’t planned on going to a park, so we decide to go to the pool. We pulled swimsuits out of our bags, changed, parked the bags with bell services, and went to the pool. We had lunch (and maybe a few adult beverages), and stayed until the thunder started.

With the pool closed, we headed back to the lodge. By this time, it was after lunch, and we were really hoping that maybe our room was ready (technically check-in is at 4, but I was hoping it would be ready early). Lynnette went up to check on it, but alas it was still not ready.

We sat around in the lobby for a bit, then I decided to take the girls to the Community Hall, where there are games and crafts and things to do. Molly and Lynnette stayed in the lobby, finding a few spots to relax. Eventually they came to join us and we waited. And waited.

Finally at 4pm, I went to the front desk to ask about our room. Cast Member Daniel and I discussed at length why our room wasn’t ready. He checked on it, and talked in muffled tones to someone and then told me that apparently one of the rooms was ready but the other part hadn’t been cleaned (we have a two-bedroom). He then said he would change our room. My question, that I didn’t ask but should have, was “when was this room ready and why couldn’t we have had it?” At any rate, we had a room and got our army together and headed upstairs. By this time, we were getting a big hangry. We found our room, and …. Our magic bands did not work to open either of the doors.

This required another trip to the front desk, this time by Molly, to discuss our problem and issues. Eventually Molly returned, we had enough magic bands to work, and we finally were inside our rooms! We ordered dinner for delivery from a few places, and settled in a bit. Once we had satisfied our hunger, we decided to swim a little more, and then headed in for the evening.

It’s been an eventful day – but a good one!

Playing in community hall - waiting for our room ...

More activity in the community hall - still waiting for our room ...

Moo waits for the room to get ready ...

If the Magic Bands don't open the door, one must find other spots to sleep...
Blessings today include: Molly surprise at AKL; swimming and refreshment at the pool; Community Hall fun; eventually getting in our room - almost; evening swim party

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