Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hello Disney Fantasy!!

Today we board the ship! After Molly got in last night, we talked a bit and finally fell asleep. We woke up this morning, got our bags packed for DCL dudes to pick up and transport to the ship, ate some breakfast, and then proceeded to head for the cruise bus. Our bus driver was amusing as you can see in the photo, and promptly delivered us to the port.

Once there, we got at the back of a long line to go through security. I knew they usually open a side door, so I kept my eye on the security dude manning that door, and sure enough, soon he waved us over. Once they got the x-ray machine working, we got through and headed up to check in.

Once we checked in, we headed over to the help desk, just in case we could upgrade – and to our surprise, we could! We thought the ship was sold out, but apparently it wasn’t, so we were able to upgrade from a porthole room to a navigator’s verandah (that means little verandah). No matter, it’s nice to have a verandah for a chance to go outside and to get a lot of light in the room. Basically, there's a small bench and we get to see Dumbo's butt - technically we're at the back of the ship.

The rest of the day, we spent getting our rainforest room passes, having a Dole Whip (that would be Molly), getting unpacked, and participating in the lifeboat drill. We checked in and headed for some chairs (we were lucky having an indoor muster station instead of standing outside in the sun). A cast member was showing us seats and then said, “Do you remember me?” Sure enough, it was Amanda, our server from Palo several times. I would never have recognized her with her emergency gear on! Anyhow, we made a photo, listened to the drill speech, and then headed back to our room.

Soon it was time to head to dinner. We’re at a table for six, and two of our tablemates were there, George and Sylvia. They’re from Virginia, and are probably in the mid-60s. They have two grown sons and no grandchildren, and this is their first cruise. They chose this one mainly because their son Max works on this ship. George is not a fan of cruising because he doesn’t like the ocean. It might be a long 10 days for him! They are very nice and we had a good time during dinner. Their son Max obtained permission to have dinner, so we got to meet him. Our server Voltan told us our other tablemates were at Palo tonight, so we’ll meet them tomorrow.

Drill attendance proof!!
Once we were done with dinner, it was time for bed, so we headed to our room. We found a letter on our door saying that we had not attended the lifeboat drill, which we had. While it was non-committal and didn’t have any real instructions, it was an irritation because we knew we had attended (we had a photo to prove it). We decided to deal with it later if needed and it wasn’t long before we were asleep. Our room is very close to the engines, so there was some engine sound, but it didn’t seem to affect our falling asleep. Also, there was a bit of rocking, which also helped rock us to sleep. I’m not sure it’s going to help George sleep, though!

Blessings today include: getting to the ship with fun bus driver; upgrade at the port; meeting our tablemates

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