Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Working Out?

I know I talk a lot about Emmatha being “Danger Baby.” She seems to find new ways daily of getting herself in dangerous situations. Sometimes there are spills and tears and resulting bruises. Today it would seem she decided to work out in order to strengthen herself for future endeavors. At least pulling up on the dishwasher is safer than playing with the sharp knives when the dishwasher is open, which would have been her preferred activity …

Blessings today include: a great day to enjoy the blessings I have been given

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Home Schooling?

Emmatha has found out that some things make marks on papers. Or the floor or wherever. Today she found a pen (dangerous) and decided to learn to write. While sitting on the counter in the kitchen (dangerous). We won’t mention who put her there, or who was watching her, or who took the photos. And we certainly won’t mention her response to having the pen taken away from her …
Blessings today include: Emmatha time; getting a few things actually cleaned

Monday, May 29, 2017

Shopping and Lifting

Today Molly and I decided to go to Opry Mills to shop. I had Emmatha, so she went along for the ride. Of course we went to a couple of different stores, then Molly wanted to go to a store that I didn’t, so Emmatha and I went to the Old Navy Outlet. While there I saw some items that might interest Lindley, so I sent Lynnette a few photos.

Emmatha was getting hangry, so I texted Molly and told her to meet us at Johnny Rockets, which was right arcross the way. Emmatha and I checked in, having to eat on the outskirts because strollers weren’t allowed in the actual restaurant, and soon Molly joined us.

We ordered, and as we were waiting for our food, Molly asked, “Did you take that from Old Navy?” Sure enough, having on the handle of the stroller, was a shirt that I had taken a photo of to send to Lindley. I had been handling several of them in the store, and I guess I had hung a few on the handle so I could take photos of the others. And apparently I did not return all of them to the rack. And apparently there was no “security tag” on the shirt. Or if there was, it didn’t trigger the door sensors. Or if it did, I along with the store people, didn’t hear it. Or if they did, they didn’t care about some fat old lady pushing a baby stroller out the door with a kids shirt clearly in view.

Anyhow, now we have a dilemma. The question was, what was going to be the solution? Meanwhile, our substandard meal arrived, so we took a break from pondering the visitor hours on my possible future jail term, and ate our food.

Once Danger Baby had enough food in her to sate her fussiness, Molly and I discussed the options. Basically, there were two – return it or not. Since we were right across from the store, I decided to return it. Had I discovered it while we were unloading the stroller to the car, I would have kept it. So sue me – I am indeed a fat old lady was would not have hauled myself back into the mall to return at shirt costing $8.95. And no, I would not, as Molly suggested, contributed the shirt to charity, had it remained shoplifted.

So, once we were all done with our meal, we went back to Old Navy. If an alarm went off as I went in, nobody noticed, and I strolled right back to the rack and rehung the shirt. I am no longer a fugitive from the law!! Meanwhile, Molly is shopping elsewhere in the store, finds a few things, and goes to the check out line.

And then she realized that we do not have our bags from our earlier shopping (and yes, the stuff we paid for, thank you). While some might think of this as karma, we think of it as money lost, particularly since she had bought some things at Coach. She thought maybe she had left it in the Old Navy dressing room and headed there, while I headed to Johnny Rockets.

So, I went to where we were eating, and where there was a full table of eight people, and where our former waitress was taking orders. I stood there like a goofus (remember this table was on the outskirts, separated from normal mall traffic by a rope) and finally one of the diners noticed me and mentioned me to the waitress. I explained my dilemma, and she said yes, we had left bags and to go to the main counter and ask them. I went ahead and strolled in with the stroller since Danger Baby was asleep and some JR dude went to the back and returned with our bags. Whew! I guess being honest paid off!!

Once this was done, we decided we had done enough in our shopping trip and headed to the car where we unloaded and headed home. At least I wasn’t headed to the pokey!!
Blessings today include: Opry Mills with Molly and Emmatha; beautiful day outside; not getting arrested for shoplifting

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Tonight KB and I went to TPAC to see “Beautiful,” the musical about Carole King. Since I was running late, we didn’t have time to eat before, so we got a gigantic box of popcorn. Which could have probably fed the entire crowd. Nevertheless, we settled down for a wonderful evening at the the-ah-tah. The songs were fabulous, the sets were amazing, and the costumes were spectacular. All in all, it was a absolutely wonderful show and night!!
Blessings today include: fun time with the girls; TPAC with KB

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Protective Measures

Danger Baby, aka Emmatha, loves to climb on things. As in inappropriate things. One thing she especially likes is to climb up the stairs in our house. Now, these stairs were built in the 1950s, which means they are not code-compliant with today’s building standards. Mainly, they are small and steep. In other words, a beckoning Mecca for Emmatha. Which means the stairs are a pain in the whatever for whomever is supposed to be watching Emmatha, because you have to follow her, let her climb up the stairs by herself thank-you and then pull her off the stairs and take her down the stairs (which I might mention she does not appreciate in the least, and pretty much will express her indignation).

The older and bigger she gets, this is becoming an increasing problem, because if she gets out of sight, she is pretty much headed for the stairs. And at some point, without supervision, she will be down the stairs on her head. So, today I decided to gate off the stairs. Because I have other things to do than watch Danger Baby get into trouble.

Of course, the first thing is to choose the gate. Since this is at the front door of my house, I didn’t want an ugly gate. I already have one of those on the doorway to the den (this was installed years ago for a previous baby). There is also the problem that I have an iron railing with a curved post, so installation may be an issue.

At any rate, I found one that met my specifications, ordered it from Amazon (because they deliver), and installed it today. In short, it works, although I still have some rigging to make it secure to the iron railing. However, there are those who are not a fan …

Blessings today include: finding, receiving, and installing baby gate; Emmatha time

Friday, May 26, 2017

Babysitter's Assistant

Maggie Cat is generally a scaredy cat. She rarely will greet strangers, and even is not a huge fan of other family members. When she hears anyone outside, she generally runs underneath the covers of my bed or the closet. Well, the one exception to that rule is if she sees/senses another cat outside. Then it’s Katie-bar-the-door, because she has to growl and hiss, even though there’s a window in between them. And should I choose to remove her from the window, there will be anger – on her part. Which will lead to anger on my part because of the mess/scratches she will enact due to this movement anger. Anyway, I digress.

Emmatha is a big fan of the cats. She especially likes Minnie Cat because Minnie will jump up in the chair if Emmatha and I are sitting there. She also allows Emmatha to pet her, hug her, and pull on her tail.
Which brings me to this photo. This is about as close as Maggie likes to get to Emmatha. Is it because she is asleep and sleeping is a fave of Maggies? Is it because Emmatha is relatively a safe object, being asleep and therefore incapable of touching/pulling/annoying Maggie? Is it because Maggie really wants to be a snuggle buddy?

Personally I think it’s because Maggie wants to make amends for her transgressions (like the above window misdemeanors, pooping outside the litter box, upchucking on the floor where I will step in it – you get the idea). She wants me to believe that she will be my helper with the baby. Which lasts about as long as Emmatha will sleep. One peep and Maggie’s out of here!!
Blessings today include: quiet day with Emmatha

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Neighborhood Friends

I pretty much live in a urban area. The interstate is visible from my neighborhood and there is plenty of development around. But sometimes moments happen that make me so happy with our location. Sometimes our neighborhood deer come out to say hello. I’m not sure where they live – there are plenty of trees and maybe a bit of undeveloped area in our part of town. But sometimes they come out to say hello, and of course I have to stop and say hello!!

Blessings today include: seeing deer in the neighborhood; beautiful day to be outside

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Happy Birthday Molly!

Today was Molly’s birthday, so we invited everyone over. She wanted Las Palmas takeout, so somebody picked it up. She opened gifts and we ate chocolate cake. Happy Birthday Molly!
Blessings today include: celebrating Molly's birthday; Las Palmas dinner; party with the family

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Movie Review!

While we were in Orlando last weekend, we did manage to see a movie. Could have been a way to get out of the heat, which worked wonderfully. The movie we saw was “Everything, Everything.” It’s based on a book written by an author. It’s kind of a teenager movie love story, which was fine for a hot Florida day.

Basically, the movie centers around a teenage girl who has to live in her house and never go outside or have friends in because she has an immune disease and will die if she gets any germs. Her dad and little brother were killed in a car accident years before, and her mom is a doctor who goes to work everyday while a nurse comes in to stay with the girl. There is a huge filtration system in the house, and special entrance, and lots of hand sanitizer. The girl has to have her vitals checked every day and apparently goes to school online.

The problem starts when a new family moves in next door, and there’s a teenage boy in the family. They ogle each other through the windows, and eventually end up texting and becoming friends. Eventually the nurse lets the boy come visit, which gets the nurse fired.

Finally the girl decides she wants to live, live, live (Auntie Mame reference) and she and the boy run away to Hawaii. There the girls collapses and gets rushed back home and there is much sadness and madness and yelling. Eventually we find out there’s a twist in the girl’s story and she runs away again. At the end, if you’re a teenager, you are happy for the ending. If you’re an adult, you have a lot of questions (or maybe that’s just me and movies). Anyway, it was a pleasant viewing experience and worth a couple of hours from the blaring sun outside.
Blessings today include: short walk in the 'hood; actually cleaning something

Monday, May 22, 2017

Home Again!

This morning, Molly and I got up early and headed to the airport. While early morning flights aren’t my favorite, this one on Monday morning gets Molly to work on time. The flight was uneventful, and Molly went off to work while I went home to unpack the suitcase and assess what needs to be done at home. And that list is forever long, forever being added to, and seemingly forever at a state of never being done. Welcome to Monday!
Blessings today include: safe, smooth flight home; unpacking and catching up

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Our scheduled time to preview Pandora is this evening, beginning at 4pm. One of our projects for this trip is for Molly to take photos of Disney letters. She does this so we can use the letters to spell Emmatha’s name. We’ve done it for Everley and Lindley, and it turns out pretty cool. So some of the day we wandered about Epcot and Animal Kingdom, taking photos.

We still had an hour or so before our preview, so we decided to have a snack. Soon it was time to enter Pandora! So we headed to the entrance – and saw the long line that snaked all the way back to the bridge at the entrance. But once they opened the gates to Pandora, the line went pretty quickly. You just had to check in, and then you entered the realm of Pandora!

Once inside, first we wandered about, admiring the amazing scenery. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what you’re looking at. If you haven’t, it still is amazing. We decided to have a bit of refreshment, so Molly went to the bar while I went to the adjacent dining spot.

I ordered the dessert thing and a drink they called “blue sangria.” Molly joined me with her drink which had “boba balls” in it. Nope, I don’t know what they are. The dessert was good – the blue sangria, not so much. Molly absolutely hated it, but her drink was pretty good.

Once we were both finished, we headed for the rides. The first one I opted out of. Molly described it as kinda like Soarin’ (which I love) but 3-D and you move around a bit. After she got off, she confirmed that it was not a good fit for me. Apparently you have on your 3-D glasses, board a thing like the animals they ride in the movie, and you watch the screen while you are “riding” the animal through the scenery. She loved it.

The other ride is a slow boat ride through Pandora. It’s slow, but the effects are amazing. Again, if you’ve seen the movie, it all makes sense. If not, it’s still amazing. Once I was done, I waited for Molly and we did the boat ride again. After we were finished, we walked around a bit more and then headed for the car to return to our hotel. This time, there were parking spots at the Dolphin, so it was a quick walk to our room.

Even with the heat, we got a lot done this weekend. It’s amazing what you can do at Disney when you don’t have to do a race!
Blessings today include: taking photos at the parks; pizza at AK; snacks and drinks and rides at Pandora

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Baby, it’s hot outside! Today we did the usual Disney things – eat, shop, and maybe ride a thing or two. Tonight we went to see the new fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom and it was amazing. Of course, we wanted a prime view location, so we parked ourselves in the center of the forecourt of the castle about an hour before the fireworks were scheduled to begin. It wasn’t long until all the spaces around us were filled. We were close enough to a small fence so eventually I found a spot to sit when my knees started to ache. There was a lady sitting on the ground that would periodically attempt to hold a conversation with me – but I did not understand a word she spoke in her language.

The fireworks truly are amazing, not so much for the actual fireworks, but for the images that are projected onto the castle. I made a little preview below, but you really should see them in person to really experience it. Once they were over, we were pretty much cooked, so we pressed through/with the crowd, found out bus, and headed back to the hotel. Ahhh, a nice bed and air conditioning – sometimes the best things at Disney World!!

Blessings today include: doing the Disney thing; MK fireworks

Friday, May 19, 2017

Chillin' In The World - Because It's Hot Outside!

Late last night Molly and I arrived in Orlando, picked up the rental car, and headed to the Dolphin resort. We managed to find a parking place, Molly got us checked in, and we headed to our room where we quickly unpacked and fell into bed.

This morning we decided to go shop for a bit, eat a bit, and then head back to the Dolphin for some park time. However, when we got to the hotel, all the parking was taken. We pulled around to the front to find out our options, and the parking dude said we could valet park (for an added fee) or go to their sister resort next door, the Swan, and park there for the same price. And so we headed to the Swan. And then hiked back to our hotel. Did I mention it’s 240 degrees down here?

Anyhow, once back in our room, we decided it was time for a cool-down rest period. Once we were sufficiently cooled down and re-hydrated, we went to Hollywood Studios to view the Star Wars fireworks show. It was pretty cool, and since the sun had gone down, it was bearable to watch. After, we didn’t want to wait forever for the boat back to the hotel, so we decided to walk. And sweat some more. Anyhow, soon we were back in our nice cool rooms for a nice cool night’s sleep!

Blessings today include; shopping finds; finding a parking spot and hiking back to the room; chatting with fan at Star Wars fireworks; watching fireworks; Molly's photos with Kylo

Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Busy Day!

Today I am flying to Orlando for because the new area of Animal Kingdom, Pandora, is having a sneak preview for annual passholders. Southwest offered some cheap flights, so the weekend seemed like a no-brainer. Molly and I are taking the late flight and we’ll spend the weekend at Disney World – with no races! Whatever shall we do?

But before I head for the airport, Steve, Maribeth, Lindley, and I went to Everley’s preschool for her end of the year music program. Since Everley will leave this preschool at the end of May and spend the summer at various camps at her new school for the fall, this will be the last few days that she will spend with these friends.

At the program, the children sang several songs, some of which were performed with crowd participation. At the end, the children and their parents/grandparents/siblings did a friends dance – I decided to opt out, but Maribeth and Steve joined in.

Once the program was over, it was time to load up and head for the airport. Orlando, here I (and Molly) come!

Blessings today include: going to Everley's program; getting things together before the airport; safe smooth flight to Orlando; checking into the hotel and going to bed

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Movie Review!

I know, I’ve been seeing a lot of movies. When Molly and I go to Disneyland for various race weekends, we tend to see several movies. She has a prepaid movie pass, and we’re within walking distance of the movie theater, so why not? Anyhow, today’s review is “Snatched.” And it was super appropriate, since it is about a mother/daughter vacay.

The premise is that Any Schumer as just broken up with her boyfriend (actually he broke up with her). The problem is that she has a prepaid vacation for two that she can’t cancel or get her money back, so she convinces her mom, Goldie Hawn to go with her. Of course once they get to the resort, Goldie does a lot of mom things that annoy Amy. And Amy meets a guy who convinces them to let him take them on a tour of the area (this isn’t Disneyworld). And apparently he’s part of a bad guy ring and Amy and Goldie end up getting kidnapped for ransom money.

The rest of the movie is how they escape time and time again. Apparently Goldie has a son who still lives at home who tries to help them and there are some friends they meet at the resort who also try to help them. It’s a big physical comedy that is pretty funny.

All in all, it was a pretty good way to spend an afternoon. Especially with an icee and some popcorn!
Blessings today include; quiet day to do much about nothing!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The People You Meet

Today I went to give blood. Everything pretty much went as usual. After I had been stuck and the blood was flowing, the male tech (who did not stick me) came over and said, “Are you Mrs. Davidson who used to teach at Bass?” Sure enough, it was a former student of mine. Of course, now he’s all grown up with kids of his own. I don’t know how they managed to grow up, when I’ve stayed the same age…

Anyhow, once I had filled the blood bag, he pulled out the needle and wrapped my arm as we continued to talk about the old days. As I left, I hugged him and told him I was proud of him. And whether or not it mattered to him, it mattered to me, because he reminded me of a time doing something that I loved so much.

Just another pint ...

A blast from the past!

And sometimes you get the good snacks!!
Blessings today include; easy donation of a pint of blood; seeing Bradley; Twinkies; getting this and that accomplished

Monday, May 15, 2017

Movie Review!

Today’s movie review is “How To Be A Latin Lover.” Molly and I saw it last weekend while we were at Disneyland. We weren’t really sure about it before we went in, but after we saw it, I’m glad we did. I guess you could call it a romantic comedy? I mean, there was love and there was comedy – just maybe not like you would think about it.

Anyhow, here’s the plot. It starts out with a family somewhere in South America. Or Mexico. Or the Caribbean. Anyhow, there’s a mom and a dad and a son and a daughter. The dad is driving home (he’s a truck driver) and he falls asleep and smashes into the family home and it all blows up, including the dad. The mom and son and daughter survive. The daughter wants to grow up and design houses and the son wants to grow up and have a sugar momma – in other words, be taken care of.

Flash forward and the son is a pool boy at a resort. He’s looking for a sugar momma. And he finds one in an older American lady.

Flash forward and the son has married the rich lady and is living the rich life. While he was a hot body when he was young, he’s kinda let himself go. He goes to buy his wife an anniversary car, and his wife tells him she wants a divorce to marry the young car salesman.

The rest of the movie is about the jilted husband trying to make a new life – and find a new sugar momma. He moves in with his sister (who is an struggling architect) and her young son and learns how to be a decent human being.

It’s a sweet little movie and you don’t have to have a pad and pencil to follow the plot (I’m looking at you, Guardians of the Galaxy). At the end, it all works out happily ever after and you can leave feeling good about things.
Blessings today include: catching up at home on all things

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tinkerbell Half Marathon

Today Molly did the half-marathon. Since my training and general fitness level is awful, I opted out. I did find her at the finish! Once she was done, we had a bite to eat and then packed up to head for the airport and our flight home. While we were at the airport, we saw a group that had doggies in the airport for the travelers to pet – a pretty cool idea! We soon boarded our flight home and enjoyed sleeping in our own beds tonight. Another great weekend in the books!

Blessings today include: Molly finishing the half marathon; Seeing Molly at the finish; safe, smooth flight home; dogs at the airport

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tinkerbell 10K!

Today we did the 10K. I managed to start in a corral earlier than Molly, but as usual, she eventually caught up with me. It’s always fun during the races to see the other runner’s outfits and all the different people. 

After the race, we decided to get a snack or two. As you can see, prices are a big high out here in California. Also, Molly managed to find a Dole Whip she managed to like. All in all, another fun day at the races!

Sometimes I have to push Molly along ...

Yes. That's the price for one banana. One.

Molly found the Dole Whip. And which one did she choose??

Yes she did choose that one!!
Blessings today include: Molly catching up with me despite my starting way ahead of her; getting snacks, even if they're overpriced!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Tinkerbell 5K

Today Molly and I participated in the 5K at Disneyland. It was fun, and not too hot, and we enjoyed it. Now for a nap before tomorrow’s 10K!

Just a little stop at the fountains and lights
And we're done!
Yes, we do take these races quite seriously ...
Blessings today include: finishing the 5K with Molly; fun photos along the way; fun times in Disneyland

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Movie Review!

Today Molly and I saw “Guardians of The Galaxy 2.” I saw the first Guardians. And it was kinda confusing, as some of these Marvel films are. And while I wasn’t a huge fan, there was enough that I enjoyed to convince me to watch Guardians 2. So here’s my review.

If you saw Guardians, you know the basic premise. Main Dude is a earth person who ends up with a motley group of co-horts that has to save the Galaxy (hence the name). There’s a big tattooed dude, a green chick, a fox that wears clothes and talks, and a tree. I would try to explain the plot, but I probably couldn’t explain it immediately after I saw it, so why bother. Let’s move on to 2.

The group is still together. The tree, Groot, actually got kinda killed in the first film. I say kinda, because there was enough of Groot to replant and in this film there is a baby Groot. The green girl (I don’t remember all their names, because I was trying to concentrate on the plot) has a blue sister than has very large anger issues with her sister, so they end up in a lot of fights. Main Dude has some emotional issues that are highlighted when he finds his biological father, who is trying to rule the galaxy. Oh, and there is a kinda insect girl with bug antlers that belongs to his dad and then joins the group. The insect girl, that is. Anyhow, the plot is how the group defeats the dad. There are a lot of ins and outs and fights and space and explanations. But it’s much too much to explain here, so just go see the movie. Especially if you’ve seen the first one.

So, did I like it? Sure, it was interesting, and fun, and entertaining. And it’s part of the Marvel thing, so it had some connections to the Avengers and Thor and stuff, not that I fully understand it all. No matter, I’m sure they’re planning on a Galaxy 3, and I’ll probably go see it too. And not understand it either!
Blessings today include: movie watching and snacks; lazy day at Disneyland

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Californy, Here I Come!!

Today I head out for Tinkerbell Weekend. As usual, I go early and Molly takes the latest flight after work. While I am not a fan of flying, when everything is smooth and we’re making good time, I do like looking out the window and watching as the landscape changes. But what I like best is when we touch down at the airport!!

Blessings today include: safe, smooth flight westward; room ready upon arrival

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Only 11 More Years Until The Real Thing!

Today E decided to drive the big car by herself.
Just don’t call me to oversee her in 11 years!

Blessings today include: Everley and Emmatha time; Everley driving the car by herself for the first time

Saturday, May 6, 2017

She Done Good!

Today Molly graduated with her MBA. Some went to the actual ceremony, and others of us watched it online. After it was all over, everyone came to the Doik for a big celebration with lots of food. Way to go Molly!!

Getting her MBA!!

Moo's cheering section at home!!

And there she is on the internet!!
Blessings today include: Molly's graduation; picking up lunch from Puffy Muffin; family celebration dinner

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Pedis For All!

Marilyn is in town for the weekend, 
so we all decided to go for pedis today. 
A fun time for all!


Blessings today include: Marilyn's safe travel to Nashville; pedis with the girls

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Them's Some Tars (AKA Tires)

I’m from the South, so I am familiar with hauling stuff in cars and trucks. I’ve been guilty myself of hauling things, like duffle bags tied to the top of a minivan and a queen size box spring tied to the top of a car, to name a few. Nevertheless, I am often amazed at what I see on the road, and sometimes just want to stop people and say, “So what’s the story behind this?” And I’m sure people sometimes think the same about my trips!

In this case, the tires seem a bit too large for the trunk. But then, I totes understand it. Sometimes my "trunk tires" seem a big too big for my pants - but like this car, I seem to make it fit!!
Blessings today include: a quiet day to get things done

Monday, May 1, 2017

Chain Saw Time!

At some point today, I happened to look outside and notice that the tree-bush that is usually standing tall by the window was no longer standing. In fact, it was laying on the ground. There had been no strong winds or storms coming through – I guess it was just tired of hanging around. It’s funny, because just last week, I had remarked to Molly that I was no longer a fan of the tree and it just wasn’t looking like I wanted it to. Guess I hurt its feelings and it got depressed.

Anyhow, clearly with a tree laying on the yard, something was going to have to be done about removing said tree. I could have called my landscape people, but the tree really was a tree-bush-shrub, and while it was as tall as the house, the trunk and limbs really weren’t that thick. And besides, I do have a chain saw …

So, operation cut the tree up began. All I had to do first was get the chain saw and plug it in. Did I mention it was a baby chainsaw?

The big problem was plugging it in. The baby chainsaw uses a 3-prong plug, but the outlets closest to the window to where I needed the chainsaw was only a 2-prong outlet (I live in an older home). And my outside extension cords were not long enough. Luckily I knew Mathieu probably had one I could borrow (especially since he was out of town), so I went to Maribeth’s and borrowed theirs.

The rest of the job went pretty easily, if rather hotly. I chainsawed here and there and some more here and there and eventually the whole tree/bush was cut into pieces that I then had to haul to the street so the city limb people would eventually pick it up. The only thing left was the stump, which was too tough for me to pull up. And since I was pretty worn out by then, I decided to pull a Scarlett O’Hara and think about that later, for “Tomorrow is another day!”

The problem - the roots gave up.

The juice for my baby chain saw. Yes, out the window.
In the front yard.

The remaining stump. Which may be here awhile ...
The finished project hauled to the street.
Blessings today include: a completed tree sawing project; nice weather to complete the project; Mathieu having an adequate extension cord