Friday, May 26, 2017

Babysitter's Assistant

Maggie Cat is generally a scaredy cat. She rarely will greet strangers, and even is not a huge fan of other family members. When she hears anyone outside, she generally runs underneath the covers of my bed or the closet. Well, the one exception to that rule is if she sees/senses another cat outside. Then it’s Katie-bar-the-door, because she has to growl and hiss, even though there’s a window in between them. And should I choose to remove her from the window, there will be anger – on her part. Which will lead to anger on my part because of the mess/scratches she will enact due to this movement anger. Anyway, I digress.

Emmatha is a big fan of the cats. She especially likes Minnie Cat because Minnie will jump up in the chair if Emmatha and I are sitting there. She also allows Emmatha to pet her, hug her, and pull on her tail.
Which brings me to this photo. This is about as close as Maggie likes to get to Emmatha. Is it because she is asleep and sleeping is a fave of Maggies? Is it because Emmatha is relatively a safe object, being asleep and therefore incapable of touching/pulling/annoying Maggie? Is it because Maggie really wants to be a snuggle buddy?

Personally I think it’s because Maggie wants to make amends for her transgressions (like the above window misdemeanors, pooping outside the litter box, upchucking on the floor where I will step in it – you get the idea). She wants me to believe that she will be my helper with the baby. Which lasts about as long as Emmatha will sleep. One peep and Maggie’s out of here!!
Blessings today include: quiet day with Emmatha

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