Monday, May 29, 2017

Shopping and Lifting

Today Molly and I decided to go to Opry Mills to shop. I had Emmatha, so she went along for the ride. Of course we went to a couple of different stores, then Molly wanted to go to a store that I didn’t, so Emmatha and I went to the Old Navy Outlet. While there I saw some items that might interest Lindley, so I sent Lynnette a few photos.

Emmatha was getting hangry, so I texted Molly and told her to meet us at Johnny Rockets, which was right arcross the way. Emmatha and I checked in, having to eat on the outskirts because strollers weren’t allowed in the actual restaurant, and soon Molly joined us.

We ordered, and as we were waiting for our food, Molly asked, “Did you take that from Old Navy?” Sure enough, having on the handle of the stroller, was a shirt that I had taken a photo of to send to Lindley. I had been handling several of them in the store, and I guess I had hung a few on the handle so I could take photos of the others. And apparently I did not return all of them to the rack. And apparently there was no “security tag” on the shirt. Or if there was, it didn’t trigger the door sensors. Or if it did, I along with the store people, didn’t hear it. Or if they did, they didn’t care about some fat old lady pushing a baby stroller out the door with a kids shirt clearly in view.

Anyhow, now we have a dilemma. The question was, what was going to be the solution? Meanwhile, our substandard meal arrived, so we took a break from pondering the visitor hours on my possible future jail term, and ate our food.

Once Danger Baby had enough food in her to sate her fussiness, Molly and I discussed the options. Basically, there were two – return it or not. Since we were right across from the store, I decided to return it. Had I discovered it while we were unloading the stroller to the car, I would have kept it. So sue me – I am indeed a fat old lady was would not have hauled myself back into the mall to return at shirt costing $8.95. And no, I would not, as Molly suggested, contributed the shirt to charity, had it remained shoplifted.

So, once we were all done with our meal, we went back to Old Navy. If an alarm went off as I went in, nobody noticed, and I strolled right back to the rack and rehung the shirt. I am no longer a fugitive from the law!! Meanwhile, Molly is shopping elsewhere in the store, finds a few things, and goes to the check out line.

And then she realized that we do not have our bags from our earlier shopping (and yes, the stuff we paid for, thank you). While some might think of this as karma, we think of it as money lost, particularly since she had bought some things at Coach. She thought maybe she had left it in the Old Navy dressing room and headed there, while I headed to Johnny Rockets.

So, I went to where we were eating, and where there was a full table of eight people, and where our former waitress was taking orders. I stood there like a goofus (remember this table was on the outskirts, separated from normal mall traffic by a rope) and finally one of the diners noticed me and mentioned me to the waitress. I explained my dilemma, and she said yes, we had left bags and to go to the main counter and ask them. I went ahead and strolled in with the stroller since Danger Baby was asleep and some JR dude went to the back and returned with our bags. Whew! I guess being honest paid off!!

Once this was done, we decided we had done enough in our shopping trip and headed to the car where we unloaded and headed home. At least I wasn’t headed to the pokey!!
Blessings today include: Opry Mills with Molly and Emmatha; beautiful day outside; not getting arrested for shoplifting

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