Saturday, May 20, 2017


Baby, it’s hot outside! Today we did the usual Disney things – eat, shop, and maybe ride a thing or two. Tonight we went to see the new fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom and it was amazing. Of course, we wanted a prime view location, so we parked ourselves in the center of the forecourt of the castle about an hour before the fireworks were scheduled to begin. It wasn’t long until all the spaces around us were filled. We were close enough to a small fence so eventually I found a spot to sit when my knees started to ache. There was a lady sitting on the ground that would periodically attempt to hold a conversation with me – but I did not understand a word she spoke in her language.

The fireworks truly are amazing, not so much for the actual fireworks, but for the images that are projected onto the castle. I made a little preview below, but you really should see them in person to really experience it. Once they were over, we were pretty much cooked, so we pressed through/with the crowd, found out bus, and headed back to the hotel. Ahhh, a nice bed and air conditioning – sometimes the best things at Disney World!!

Blessings today include: doing the Disney thing; MK fireworks

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