Monday, May 1, 2017

Chain Saw Time!

At some point today, I happened to look outside and notice that the tree-bush that is usually standing tall by the window was no longer standing. In fact, it was laying on the ground. There had been no strong winds or storms coming through – I guess it was just tired of hanging around. It’s funny, because just last week, I had remarked to Molly that I was no longer a fan of the tree and it just wasn’t looking like I wanted it to. Guess I hurt its feelings and it got depressed.

Anyhow, clearly with a tree laying on the yard, something was going to have to be done about removing said tree. I could have called my landscape people, but the tree really was a tree-bush-shrub, and while it was as tall as the house, the trunk and limbs really weren’t that thick. And besides, I do have a chain saw …

So, operation cut the tree up began. All I had to do first was get the chain saw and plug it in. Did I mention it was a baby chainsaw?

The big problem was plugging it in. The baby chainsaw uses a 3-prong plug, but the outlets closest to the window to where I needed the chainsaw was only a 2-prong outlet (I live in an older home). And my outside extension cords were not long enough. Luckily I knew Mathieu probably had one I could borrow (especially since he was out of town), so I went to Maribeth’s and borrowed theirs.

The rest of the job went pretty easily, if rather hotly. I chainsawed here and there and some more here and there and eventually the whole tree/bush was cut into pieces that I then had to haul to the street so the city limb people would eventually pick it up. The only thing left was the stump, which was too tough for me to pull up. And since I was pretty worn out by then, I decided to pull a Scarlett O’Hara and think about that later, for “Tomorrow is another day!”

The problem - the roots gave up.

The juice for my baby chain saw. Yes, out the window.
In the front yard.

The remaining stump. Which may be here awhile ...
The finished project hauled to the street.
Blessings today include: a completed tree sawing project; nice weather to complete the project; Mathieu having an adequate extension cord

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