Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Movie Review!

While we were in Orlando last weekend, we did manage to see a movie. Could have been a way to get out of the heat, which worked wonderfully. The movie we saw was “Everything, Everything.” It’s based on a book written by an author. It’s kind of a teenager movie love story, which was fine for a hot Florida day.

Basically, the movie centers around a teenage girl who has to live in her house and never go outside or have friends in because she has an immune disease and will die if she gets any germs. Her dad and little brother were killed in a car accident years before, and her mom is a doctor who goes to work everyday while a nurse comes in to stay with the girl. There is a huge filtration system in the house, and special entrance, and lots of hand sanitizer. The girl has to have her vitals checked every day and apparently goes to school online.

The problem starts when a new family moves in next door, and there’s a teenage boy in the family. They ogle each other through the windows, and eventually end up texting and becoming friends. Eventually the nurse lets the boy come visit, which gets the nurse fired.

Finally the girl decides she wants to live, live, live (Auntie Mame reference) and she and the boy run away to Hawaii. There the girls collapses and gets rushed back home and there is much sadness and madness and yelling. Eventually we find out there’s a twist in the girl’s story and she runs away again. At the end, if you’re a teenager, you are happy for the ending. If you’re an adult, you have a lot of questions (or maybe that’s just me and movies). Anyway, it was a pleasant viewing experience and worth a couple of hours from the blaring sun outside.
Blessings today include: short walk in the 'hood; actually cleaning something

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